You can cruise our glittering waterways like a millionaire, and it won’t cost the earth.

The Barrington Coast is famous for its waterways, afterall it’s known as the place ‘where the leaves touch the waters from the mountains to the sea’. So the best way to explore our bountiful lakes and estuaries is by boat of course.

Maybe you’ll find that elusive fishing hole with bragging rights for the one that didn't get away!

With our extensive rivers and lakes, the Barrington Coast is a boatie’s paradise. But you don't need to be a millionaire to enjoy the cleanest lakes in New South Wales or the Manning River's double delta.... there are plenty of places to hire a boat for a day.

Where to hire boats for fishing, self-drive scenic cruises and charters:

Myall Lakes

The Myall Lakes coastal lakes system is protected by the 1975 Ramsar Convention - an international wildlife agreement - so these lakes really are some of the cleanest in the state. Their pristine waters gently lap upon hidden beaches and deserted islands but you’ll need your own boat on these lakes. Bring your own or beg a friend.

Wallis Lake

Wallis Lake is the sparkling jewel in the crown of the Barrington Coast. With a surface area of 99 square kms, this aquablue waterway is famous for white sands, fishing, boating and delicious Sydney rock oysters that are the finest in the country.

Forster and Tuncurry are the twin towns that sit where Wallis Lake meets the ocean, as the Coolongolook River flows into the Tasman Sea. Here there are plentiful options for hiring a boat for fishing, island hopping, remote swimming and for scenic cruises captained by yourself. Just remember to nominate your Gilligan.

Surrounded by Wallingat National Park on the west and Booti Booti National Park on the east, Wallis Lake is 25 kms long and 9 kms wide, so you’ll be sure to find that ‘just perfect’ private spot for yourself and your crew.

Behind the many secret spots on Wallis Lake are meandering rivers leading into the hinterland including the Wallamba River, Coolongolook River and Pipers Creek. Discover them all and maybe you’ll find that elusive fishing hole with bragging rights for blind casting, back casting or flipping.

Myall River

At the southern boundary of the Barrington Coast, the Myall River and Port Stephens offer more exceptionally beautiful boating opportunities using Hawks Nest and Tea Gardens as your launching point. This part of our destination has been famous for its scenic beauty since 1826.

Manning River

Our love of waterways extends further north to the mighty Manning River estuary with 150 kms of navigable water making it a boating playground from Wingham to Harrington. Hire a boat here for fishing and explore the river delta canals, inlets, islands and deep streams of water that’s teeming with marine life.

Ocean charters

If you’re after an ocean-going experience, that’s a whole new matter. You’ll need more than just a hired tinny so visit one of the charter boat operators in the Barrington Coast. The boats available for setting out our sapphire seas are beautifully appointed specialist vessels for deep sea fishing, game fishing and reef fishing. They can also be chartered for short coastal cruises, sunset cruises, whale and dolphin watching and even for scattering of ashes… should your loved one yearn for an eternity among the fishes.

So wherever in the Barrington Coast you find yourself looking at the beckoning water... hire a boat, take a picnic and your fishing gear, for this is how millionaires relax!

This is how millionaires relax!

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