More than a holiday hub, the Barrington Coast is a place of discovery, from the mountains to the sea and everywhere in between.

For the curious... Whether you seek adventure or a relaxing escape, the Barrington Coast provides countless opportunities to wander into nature, to indulge your senses or to simply unwind. Explore high-altitude rainforests and fertile valleys rich in agriculture; embrace charming towns and welcoming smiles; discover mighty rivers, untouched coastal lakes and breathtaking beaches. From rural townships to bustling coastal hubs, our visitor destinations are nestled in a myriad of captivating natural landscapes. Welcome!


Blaze your own trail...

Indulge your curiosity, seek the road less travelled and take delight in the wonders of our region.

Our region holds 10,053 kmĀ² of natural attractions and we are rightly famous for our forests, waterways and beaches. We have 15 national parks plus 63 state forests, nature reserves and conservation areas. Our lands are watered by 38 rivers including the only double delta in the southern hemisphere and the state's tallest single drop waterfall at 200m. We also enjoy a pristine triple lakes system protected by an international wildlife convention and over 190 km of absolutely stunning coastline. Welcome to our boundless nature!