Picturesque villages where the Manning River and Pacific Ocean meet.

The vibrant seaside villages of Old Bar and Manning Point are balanced between the blue waters of the Manning River double delta and the golden sands of the Pacific Ocean. The area attracts regular visitors throughout the year seeking sun, surf and sand.

If it's a coastal escape you're after, you've come to the right place as these picturesque villages will allow you to relax, unwind and soak up our laid-back surfing culture.

Directions to Old Bar & Manning Point

How to get to Old Bar & Manning Point by car, train, coach or plane.

Wallabi Point Surfing 1
Wallabi Point Surfing
Wallabi Point Surfing
Wallabi Point Surfing

Old Bar

Old Bar Beach is the closest surfing beach to Taree and just a 10-minute drive from the Pacific Highway. This location is perfect for fishing, boating and water sports for the whole family. It Is also home to Boogie Woogie Beach House which in 2018 was voted the world's best music themed hotel! Choose from the Blondie, Bowie or Grohl room and then enjoy a delicious meal while listening to local and International music talent at their downstairs Flow Bar.

Boogie Woogie Beach House was voted the world's best music themed hotel in 2018.
Boogie Woogie Beach House was voted the world's best music themed hotel in 2018.

Accommodation options in Old Bar include Lani's On The Beach, Meridian Resort Beachside and Club Old Bar Motel.

Coffee lovers aren't left out with Buyi Espresso Bar on Old Bar Road. (Buyi is a local indigenous word from the Biripi people meaning 'big breath' or 'out of breath'). Their vision is that people will be able to catch their breath at Buyi Espresso Bar, and that their ethos, and heart will breathe out into the Old Bar community.

Buyi Espresso Bar

Saltwater National Park sits alongside Old Bar and has special significance for the local Biripi people. This national park contains aboriginal sites that relate to Dreamtime beliefs and a section of the park has been declared an Aboriginal Place of Significance.

Saltwater National Park and lagoon

There's swimming and surfing at the ocean beach and canoeing in the tranquil waters of Khappinghat Creek. The lagoon nestled against the reserve provides safe swimming for families.

The picnic area has gas barbecues, picnic tables, amenities and cold showers. Take a walk through the rainforest on the headland or explore the Five Islands Walking Track which follows Khappinghat Creek in the Nature Reserve.

Manning Point

Manning Point is both a riverside and seaside location, being the meeting point of the ocean and the northern mouth of the Manning River. Relax your days away in this picturesque village by swimming in the river pool or beach, launching your boat for a fish or pack a picnic and take in the views.

Manning Point Kurt D Photography

The impressive Manning Point Beach commences on the southern bank of the sandy 500 metre wide Manning River entrance. It extends south as a low sandy 2.5 km long spit, then as a steep, coarse narrow beach for 10 km to the southern mouth of the Manning River at Farquhar Inlet.

Manning Point Beach is the only four-wheel-drive access point for the camping ground at Farquhar Park. All vehicles driving on Manning Point Beach need a beach permit issued by MidCoast Council.

The picturesque meeting point of the ocean and the two mouths of the Manning River.