A day trip exploring the Gloucester Tops precinct of Barrington Tops.

It's easy to spend a day exploring the Gloucester Tops precinct on the eastern side of the world heritage Barrington Tops parklands.

Gloucester Tops was the first part of the park to gain protection, as a State Park in 1959, so come see why for yourself.

  • After a hearty breakfast at Roadies Café or The Common, pack your picnic supplies for a scenic drive to Gloucester Tops through rolling farmland and tree-clad mountains.
  • Six river ford crossings will have you smiling like a kid again, especially the Highland cattle smiling back at you.
  • You'll first reach the NPWS Gloucester River Campground but keep driving, as the main attractions are at the very top of the mountain.
  • Stopping at the very end of Gloucester Tops Road, you'll find where the Gloucester Tops Circuit begins. This is a three hour ramble combining the waterfall walk, river walk and beech forest walk.
  • This eastern precinct of Barrington Tops is a microcosm of all that’s special about this world heritage parkland: lookouts, waterfalls, mossy cascades and hidden forest glens, so step behind the green curtain and be marvelled.
  • Afterwards head back into Gloucester for bistro dinner at Land & Sea Café or at The Kitchen in the Roundabout Inn.

Caution: the river crossing fords here are concrete causeways usually covered by water flow. Flow rates and river heights are dependant on recent rainfall events but the river markers are no indication of the force of moving water. It doesn't make much for a vehicle to be floated enough to move sideways across a causeway. Never cross a river ford that's in flood conditions. If in doubt, go back.

Road to Gloucester Tops
Road to Gloucester Tops
Ford crossing on Gloucester Tops Road
Ford crossing on Gloucester Tops Road
Gloucester Tops Circuit, dense forest and small cascades
Gloucester Tops Circuit
Beech Walk Falls, Gloucester Tops
Beech Walk Falls, Gloucester Tops
Andrew Laurie Lookout, Gloucester Tops, mountain peaks and dense bushland
Andrew Laurie Lookout, Gloucester Tops
Antarctic Beech Forest walking track, Gloucester Tops, dense forest trail
Antarctic Beech Forest walking track, Gloucester Tops
Exploring Gloucester Tops
Shinrin yoku in Gloucester Tops by Rachel Dimond

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