The best lookout at Gloucester Tops.

From Gloucester Falls picnic area, the track to Gloucester Falls leads through sub-alpine woodlands of snow gums to Andrew Laurie Lookout.

This is one of the highest lookouts in Barrington Tops:

  1. Careys Peak Lookout in Barrington Tops National Park: 1545 metres
  2. Thunderbolts Lookout in Barrington Tops National Park: 1440 metres
  3. Devils Hole Lookout in Barrington Tops National Park: 1400 metres
  4. Andrew Laurie Lookout in Barrington Tops National Park: 1160 metres

Here you can gaze across the gorge with the Gloucester River deep below, and other rugged tree-lined gorges to the Mountaineer peak in the east.

A second lookout offers a vantage point overlooking the picturesque Gloucester Falls where the river plunges over the plateau to the valley below. The twin drops are breathtaking after rain.

Andrew Laurie Lookout, Gloucester Tops
Andrew Laurie Lookout in the Gloucester Tops precinct of Barrington Tops

Some areas of the parklands may have limited public access, check the NPWS alerts page for the latest info before you travel.

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Ironbark 2176

5 months ago

Carpark couple of benches and toliet facilities. Start of some great hikes.

Dave Williams

3 months ago

Just a quick stop on a long day.

Timothy Clark

9 months ago

Great Place to spend an afternoon hiking or a weekend camping.

EV Reg

3 months ago

Nice walk to the falls

Leigh Rankin

3 months ago