Gloucester Tops circuit takes visitors through snow gum woodland and ancient rainforest to cascades and lookouts that show the astonishing diversity of the eastern precinct of the Barrington Tops parklands, closest to Gloucester.

This 8km loop combines three popular walks in the Gloucester Tops to create a large circuit with diverse landscapes along the way.

Starting from the Gloucester Tops Circuit you will set out from the Gloucester Falls Picnic Area along the Gloucester Falls walking track. Enjoy walking through open snow gum woodland until you approach Andrew Laurie lookout, and further on to Gloucester Falls lookout where the river plunges over the valley below. Join the River walking track and explore the spectacular sub-alpine woodland, keeping an eye out for wildlife along the way including swamp wallabies and grey kangaroos. You will then come to Antarctic Beech Forest track where you will wander the prehistoric Gondwana rainforest featuring cool temperatures with the rainforest canopy towering high above the dense forest floor below.

Some areas of the parklands may have limited public access, check the NPWS alerts page for the latest info before you travel.

Antarctic Beech Forest Track cascades
Antarctic Beech Forest Track
Antarctic Beech Forest Track Cascades crossing
Gloucester Falls Lookout 1
Gloucester Falls track
Andrew Laurie Lookout Gloucester Falls track
Gloucester Falls walking track Gloucester Tops