A day trip exploring the northern precincts of Barrington Tops.

It's easy to spend a day exploring the northern precinct of the world heritage Barrington Tops parklands, it's renowned for good reasons.

Here you'll discover walking tracks and 4WD trails leading to ancient forests, lookouts across endless green, waterfalls, secret groves of tree ferns, hidden campgrounds and even snow in winter.

  • Get up early, this is a full day itinerary starting from Gloucester which is the closest town to Barrington Tops, so pack all your picnic needs including water.
  • The road to the park entrance is fully sealed all the way but take care on the graded gravel roads once you're on the plateau.
  • Compare the views from the gradually-higher lookouts at Cobark Lookout, Thunderbolts Lookout and Devils Hole Lookout.
  • Stop at Honeysuckle for a break and enjoy the Antarctic Beech Forest Walk.
  • Continue to Polblue to set up your picnic and take the walking trail around this high-altitude wetland. Polblue is the highest part of the park with Brumlow Top (1586 metres) nearby, so this is where the thickest snow usually falls.
  • Be spooked by the darkness and quiet at The Firs and then enjoy Hunter Valley views from near the Dingo Gate, at the western side of Barrington Tops.
  • Take the short track to the viewing platform at Polblue Falls and then continue your drive to the harder-to-find Gummi Falls.
  • Cover all these and you’ve well and truly experienced this stunning region, but remember to come back when it snows, just to compare.
  • Finish your day back in Gloucester with a tasty Thai dinner at Yim Thai, or other Asian delights at Fusion in Gloucester Soldiers Club.
Honeysuckle Walk, Barrington Tops
Honeysuckle Walk, Barrington Tops
Polblue Falls, Barrington Tops, large rock falls
Polblue Falls in Barrington Tops
Barrington Tops views
Barrington Tops views by Beth Miller
Barrington Tops Snow through the Firs
Where to see snow in Barrington Tops
Moss covered log in Barrington Tops by saigonaussiebabe
Moss covered log in Barrington Tops by saigonaussiebabe
The Firs picnic area Barrington Tops
The Firs picnic area Barrington Tops by T Davey

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