Named after the famed local bushranger Captain Thunderbolt.

Once a popular spot for bushrangers, it’s now visitors to Barrington Tops National Park who benefit from magnificent views at Thunderbolts Lookout.

This is one of the highest lookouts in Barrington Tops:

  1. Careys Peak Lookout in Barrington Tops National Park: 1545 metres
  2. Thunderbolts Lookout in Barrington Tops National Park: 1440 metres
  3. Devils Hole Lookout in Barrington Tops National Park: 1400 metres
  4. Andrew Laurie Lookout in Barrington Tops National Park: 1160 metres

This short and easy walk will delight the senses as you gaze across world heritage Barrington Tops wilderness. It’s a perfect introduction to the unique delights of the plateau country, on a car touring day trip or camping holiday.

Passing through a majestic stand of Antarctic beech trees, where moss carpets the forest floor, look for delicate orchids high in the branches as you make your way to the lookout.

Soak in the spectacular vista of the deep valley leading to Moppy River below and Mount Carson beyond. Wedge-tailed eagles often circle in the skies above, looking for prey.

If you’re hungry for more scenery, try nearby Devils Hole Lookout.

Thunderbolts Lookout, Barrington Tops
Thunderbolts Lookout in Barrington Tops by Hamilton Lund

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Brenden Wood

3 months ago

Thunderbolts Lookout is located along Barrrington Tops Forest Road. You'll need to park your car on the side of the road, and then walk the short trek along the Thunderbolts Lookout Track to access the lookout. The walk only takes a few minutes - and the you don't need to walk up or down any hills. The view at the lookout is amazing. And it is worth stopping the car to check out the view.