Barrington Tops Snow through the Firs
The Firs in snow
The Firs in snow
The Firs in snow
The Firs in snow
The Firs in snow
The Firs in snow
The Firs in snow
The Firs in snow
The Firs in snow

An eerily beautiful spot in Barrington Tops.

The Firs is an unusual picnic area high in Barrington Tops surrounded by old Douglas firs... a type of pine tree. It's a magic spot when covered by snow.

This hidden picnic area is in the Stewarts Brook State Forest within the Barrington Tops parklands. This area was originally a test plantation of different timber species to see if they would be commercially suited to the high altitude of Barrington Tops. Nearby you'll see Ponderosa pines and Mexican firs.

The Douglas firs are thickly planted and block out most of the light, a stark difference to the native eucalypt forest just metres away. You’ll think you’re in Vancouver or Bavaria until you realise the dozen different bird calls (and even the motorcycle sound) are all coming from that lovely lyre bird perched on a log in the cool deep shadows. He’s singing to attract his mate, if you’re quiet you may see her sidle up to hear his performance. Very Australian

Some areas of the parklands may have limited public access, check the NPWS alerts page for the latest info before you travel.

What did others have to say?

Stefan Jones

a month ago

Must stop in and have a walk around 300m, long drop toilet, but you could drive by as its not very well sign posted. It's like an old German forest walking through.

Joe Hassall

4 months ago

If your up Barrington way and looking for a spot for lunch, check this forest out, theres a few tables, plenty of parking spots and an awesome spot to explore,

Ray Chinprahust

6 months ago

What a beautiful place! Get there early to have the place to yourself.

Yasir S

11 months ago

Visited in winter during snowfall. It was absolutely amazing.

Shane Keedle

9 months ago

Beautiful place 2 take the kids 2 play in the snow