A holistically managed farm at Mayers Flat.

Topi Open Range Farm is a holistically managed family farm that focuses on the humane production of wholesome food.

More than free range, we're open range. Our animals are free to roam green open pastures, drink fresh rain water, eat plants and certified organic feed. We believe that our exceptional produce is the result of our regenerative farming practices and dedication to our animals.

We're passionate farmers with a focus on ecological practices and are dedicated to creating a range of premium quality, artisan produce that doesn't cost the earth. Farm tours by appointment.

Explore our farm store at www.farmtofridge.com.au where you will discover a community of like minded producers who are passionate about fresh, local, ethical and sustainable produce.

Farm tours by appointment.

What did others have to say?

Mikayla Hillsley

2 years ago

Cute little farm. Had a food trail in the area and this was one of the spots quite a few little stalls some ive seen at local markets and a few more. The little cakes were great especially the lemon tart and so were the little jams. Ashame there werent more stalls with samples!!

Damian Foley

a year ago