Kali Austin explains why they're the best oysters in the world and where you can buy some.

East 33 farmers at Wallis Lake have been cultivating the Sydney rock oyster since 1884 and they're proud to be one of the largest sustainable producers of the SRO.

About East 33 and Series 152

The East 33 collection comes from oyster-growing regions stretching along the entire coast of New South Wales on Australia’s east coast - from longitude 154 degrees in the north of the state, to longitude 149 degrees in the south. With such a long and variable coastline, individual oyster profiles can be identified, showcasing the complete variety of tastes, textures and delights the Sydney rock oyster has to offer.

The first Wallis Lake oyster leases were issued in 1884 to a Sydney merchant banker who created ‘oyster saloons’ for city CBD workers to enjoy Sydney rock oysters, bringing this seafood into consumer mainstream.

Among the heritage of oyster growers in the Barrington Coast you’ll still find the Sciacca family, in Wallis Lake from the late 1880s; the Browne family in Port Stephens from 1886; and the Verdich family in Port Stephens (1945) and Wallis Lake (1970).

152 Series are from the Barrington Coast of New South Wales including the Manning River, Wallis Lake, and the bay waters of Port Stephens.

This region is where the majority of the oysters from the East 33 collection are produced and sourced, with the greater balance of those coming from the Wallis Lake operation. 152s are truly the oysters for the southern hemisphere summer, as they naturally reach their peak physical condition during the warmer months.

East 33 Wallis Lake oyster farm
East 33 Wallis Lake harvesting 1
East 33 Wallis Lake harvesting 2
East 33 Wallis Lake oysters unshucked
East33 Oysters plated
East33 oyster farmers

There are so many reasons to fall in love with the tastiest Sydney rock oysters in Australia. Here are just a few:

  • Delivering delicious moments to the savoured: Sydney rock oysters are indigenous, naturally grown, and have thrived for thousands of years on the east coast of Australia, enjoy local with East 33.
  • Unrivalled excellence: With over three generations worth of knowledge, it’s no wonder East 33 Sydney rock oysters are the best on the market.
  • Whether you enjoy your oysters natural, with a squeeze of lemon or a crack of pepper, East 33 delivers the very best oysters for you to enjoy.
  • Fresh from the farm to your table: Our farmers unprecedented dedication to quality and attention to detail is what distinguishes East 33 from the rest.
  • Crystal clear: The pristine waters of Wallis Lake offer a perfect environment to cultivate some of Australia's finest Sydney rock oysters.
  • East 33 oysters capture the artistry, experience and bold spirit of our many proud farming families.

Tasting notes

Just like wine, oysters take on properties as a result of their environment. Here's what our local variations taste like:

  • Manning River: A full sharp saline bite, clean seaweed notes and dry finish.
  • Wallis Lake: Full, rich, round and long with creamy vegetal characteristics and dry finish.
  • Port Stephens: A sweet full flavour, salty bite and rich long finish.

Top picks for tasting kits delivered to your door

East 33 sources Sydney rock oysters from the entire length of the coast of NSW. Like wine, oysters take on properties as a result of their environment.

These tasting kits contains a total of 24 Sydney rock oysters made up of 8 oysters each from the 154° Series (north), the 152° Series (central) and the 149° Series (south). You’ll find tasting notes specific to each series inside your Tasting Kit.

NB. Prices correct at 24 Nov 2021

1. Discovery Kit $69
Available in NSW,VIC,QLD

2. Tasting Kit $79
Oysters from 2 different regions, available in NSW,VIC,QLD

3. East 33 with Veuve Clicquot champagne $149

Available in NSW,VIC

4. 3 Dozen Seasonal Collection - Spring series $109

Available in NSW,VIC

5. East 33 with Belvedere vodka $139

Available in NSW,VIC

Order these online here.

Hamiltons Oyster Bar and Restaurant, Tuncurry
The best way to try delicious East 33 oysters is sitting comfortably overlooking the blue waters of Wallis Lake at Thirty Three Degrees.

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East 33 oysters are shipped with icepacks however it's strongly advised that someone is home to receive your order to ensure freshness and correct storage at point of delivery. This is particularly important during warmer months.


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