What to pack for your picnic in the Barrington Coast.

Picnics have been popular for hundreds of years and it's a simple recipe for success: a gathering of family or friends, in the outdoors, sharing a meal. How big or how fancy depends on you. And if there's laughter, then the picnic is a success, so always pack a smile.

The Barrington Coast offers hundreds of picnic locations, so it really depends on your mood and the occasion. See our top picnic spots here.

Sustainability applies to picnics too, so invest in picnic stuff that you'll reuse time and time again. Consign those plastic plates and plastic cutlery to the (recycling) bin of history. Check out some very funky ideas here at Untrashy and some more ideas from Clean Up Australia.

Picnic by the river with Wild Feast Grazing Co.
Picnic by the river with Wild Feast Grazing Co.

Picnic ready?

How about a picnic basket full of goodies, delivered to your holiday accommodation door?

Barrington Grazing Co offers a perfect picnic-ready option: one of their delicious grazing boxes packed in a classic picnic basket complete with local wine, picnic blanket, napkins, plates and cutlery. All you need to do is choose your perfect spot... and we can help you with this here too!

Grazing box from Barrington Grazing Co.
Grazing box from Barrington Grazing Co.

1. Choose the best picnicware.

You need plates and cups that are lightweight, unbreakable and reusable. Go enamel, melamine or bamboo but not saggy paper and definitely not disposable plastic. Tip: Find some vintage anodised stuff for retro looks… who knew your grandparents were such cool cats?

2. Invest in a good cooler.

Good ones will last you many picnic seasons. Don't bother with cheapy styrofoam coolers and always have your reusable chiller bricks on standby in your freezer. Tip: Coolers will break if you use them as a seat, they always do, so take some picnic cushions.

3. Take finger food suitable for fingers.

That means stuff with built-in handles, like chicken drumsticks, vegies/fruit on skewers, corn on cobs. Bring sandwiches of course, and frittata is always a winner. Less cutlery means more finger-licking so make sure it’s tasty and fun at the same time. If you're short of time, visit some of our brilliant bakeries to top up (or fill) your picnic basket with delicious goodies.

4. Don’t skimp on salads.

A sausage sandwich may be fine at the hardware carpark but a great picnic can often be defined by the side dishes. Greens, grains, root vegies plus fruit salads, the more colourful the better. Tip: Bring any dressings in small jars to add when you get there.

5. Bring something to do.

Even big kids get bored just sitting around so bring something easy to pack and suitable for all ages. Charades is popular and requires no equipment, how about bringing art sketching materials, or a bocce set for a family game? Check out this list of 30 cool picnic games.

6. Have a bug plan.

It’s Australia so yes, always bring insect repellent, and always assume something flying or crawling will end up in an open bowl, so bring lids or mesh covers.

7. Pack cleaning up stuff.

Take a garbage bag for easy cleanup, in fact take one for recyclables too. Assume there will be no garbage bins and always take your rubbish home with you. My mum used to pack several damp face washers in a plastic bag to wipe messy faces and hands. Avoid single use face wipes… they’re just more rubbish to take home.

8. Travel light.

Hard to believe this one (after all the above tips) but unless you’re eating right beside your vehicle, all those folding chairs etc., need to be carried in and carried out again. When you find the perfect spot, maybe all you’ll need is a picnic rug and your portable feast.

9. Location counts, choose wisely.

Choose a spot to suit your needs: Town or country? Mountain, lake, river or beach? Is it just the two of you or are you bringing the whole crew? If you're popping that Big Question then you probably want a crowd-free spot. Maybe an awesome view will seal the deal as the 'best picnic ever'. Read our suggested best picnic spots here.

10. Make it memorable.

Do bring a least one centrepiece for the rug or table, make it fun or funky, seasonal or classic. Maybe somewhere to hide the ring until that right moment?

Personally, I like a twist of battery-powered fairy lights, set to 'permanent twinkle'. Stuff them in a glass jar or in a bowl, or drape them over a tree branch. There's always room for fairy lights, for any season and any reason.

Picnic at the beach by Sea & Salt Grazing Co.
Picnic at the beach by Sea & Salt Grazing Co.

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