Your search for the elusive world-beating vanilla slice, pie or sausage roll may just finally be over. After all, kilojoules eaten on holidays don’t count, right?

Cakes, pies and sausage rolls? Is vanilla slice more your style? Or are you more of a lamington lover. Chasing a gourmet vegetarian pastie? Perhaps a pie with peas and gravy is more your thing.

In any case, we urge you to roll on to the best bakeries in the Barrington Coast where tasty treats both sweet or savoury matched by fresh salad sandwiches are always good to go. And where your search for the elusive world-beating secret sausage roll recipe - or pie or vanilla slice - may just finally be over.

But if your tastes are a little more continental... then we have you covered too.

Hardwood Espresso, Wootton

When was the last time a chef baked you a fresh pastry made with love? Not only does this Wootton cafe have the best views of any country cafe, it has superb coffee and freshly baked treats and gourmet delights by owner-chef Neal Lyons. Sweet or savoury? We recommend having both here.

Neal Lyons, chef and owner of Hardwood Espresso in Wootton.
Neal Lyons, chef and owner of Hardwood Espresso in Wootton.

Hooked On Pies, Taree

All the elements of a great bakery in downtown Taree! Fresh baked pastries, flavour packed pie fillings and a top selection of sandwiches made to order. Stop in for a quality bakery snack next time you’re in town and eat it on the grassy banks overlooking the Manning River.

Old Bar Bakery, Old Bar

A small family owned and operated bakery that’s renowned for their fresh, soft bread, delicious pies and decadent pastries. A classic bakery feed in every sense. Stop in for a classic chunky steak pie – you won’t regret it.

Nabiac Bakery, Nabiac

An old school bakery with a solid claim to fame for their tasty and well-priced pies. Friendly staff who are more than happy to recommend the best sweet treats. Easy to find, just off the Pacific Highway to enjoy a bakery feast to remember.

Hebby's Bakery Gloucester

Butterfingers Bakery, Tuncurry

Fabulous bacon and cheese pies made fresh on the premises. Plenty of other mouth-watering pie fillings are all calling your name too. Excellent cakes baked to order – be sure to pick one up for your next celebration. And if brownies are your thing, then you’ll probably need to try the cream cheese brownie and the chocolate soufflé brownie several times over… just to be sure of your favourite.

Manning Valley Pie Company, Taree

Now here’s a small business well worthy of your support. Grab a pie and pastry once and we guarantee you’ll come back for more. Hint: their gourmet chicken pies get a 10/10 for flavour closely followed by their corned beef pie with white sauce! Kids love the Match Stick, a rectangle of delicious puff pastry, strawberry jam and fresh cream.

Hebbys Bakery, Gloucester

An old fashioned family run bakery in a small country town that’s sure to please your taste buds. Consistently serving delicious sweet treats and savoury goods to hordes of loyal customers. Generational pie recipes are the secret to their success. Oh, and that sky-high vanilla slice too.

Hebby's bakery Gloucester
Pastry goodness at Hebbys Bakery in Gloucester.

Lakesway Bakery, Forster Keys

Popular with locals and tourists alike for good reason. Their potato topped pie should mandatory eating when visiting Forster. Grab a top quality bakery feast and sit by Wallis Lake to eat. Bon appetite.

Ma Baker, Booral

Serving up Booral’s finest savoury pastries, authentic pies and delicious cakes. Sweet fans will cherish the cream horns and fruit flans on offer here - they are really something else! Hint: the family sized quiches make for an excellent meal. Not bad for a village on the way to Stroud.

McKeoghs Cake Shop, Wingham

A great little bakery in Wingham with an atmosphere from yesteryear. Filled with tasty cakes, slices and smashing pastries. The pies are simply wonderful here and there’s a huge range to choose from, you’ll find something to satisfy everyone. Well worth a coffee and cake stop or a traditional Aussie pie for lunch.

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Nadine The Cake Queen

Looking for a custom made celebration cake? Look no further than Nadine the aptly named Cake Queen. Think stunning wedding cakes, birthday cupcakes and assorted sweet treats to impress your guests. Nadine is a talented pastry chef valued for her bespoke dessert range which caters for elegant and extravagant tastes. You’ll need to pre-order and maybe your next newest favourite will be her irresistible chocolate hazelnut frou frou cakes.

Moorland Cottage Cafe

Though not technically a bakery, this cafe makes "the best scones on the coast" so it's worth a visit just for this tasty Australian icon alone! Their scone of the day will never fail to impress, so if you're ready to step beyond the strawberry jam and cream, then try something new. How about a blueberry scone or raspberry with white chocolate scone or even one of their cheeky double-ups... yes, that would be a blueberry + raspberry + white chocolate scone.

Blueberry, raspberry and white chocolate scone from Moorland Cottage Cafe.
Blueberry, raspberry and white chocolate scone from Moorland Cottage Cafe.

Batter & Dough Patisserie, Gloucester

The sourdough breads here are what made Hailey famous but it's her ever-expanding baking talent that's keeping happy smiles on faces everywhere. A boulangerie sells classic French breads; a patisserie tends to be more a French confectionery; and viennoiserie is considered the bridge between the two. Batter & Dough at Gloucester is all these, come see if you can tell the difference.

Look & drool at Batter & Dough.
Look & drool at Batter & Dough.

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