I have been living in Forster with my wife and two sons for over 18 years and during this time, I have been exploring the area inside and out. And If you, like me, have a couple of teenage boys and would like to spend a weekend in this beautiful town, here is a guide on how to do it right.

Forster is a mere four-hour drive from any part of Sydney which means that you can finish work on Friday early afternoon and be at your accommodation by sunset. Ranging from waterfront luxury to budget by the lake, the town has so many options that I am sure you would find something that would suit your needs.

Now that you are comfortably settled in, you can explore the town and find a nice place to eat. Forster town centre is not too big and is very pleasant to walk through and around. The Forster waterside as it is called, is a nice long boardwalk that edges Wallis Lake. In there, you will find a vast array of cafes and restaurants.

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After a night’s sleep, it is time to adventure down the waterways!

Depending on the weather of course, my favourite thing to do with my boys is to hire a BBQ boat for a few hours and explore the many islands of Wallis Lake. Once you are on the lake, paddle boards and kayaks in tow, the first stop is the swinging rope on Leon island which is the second island passed the Little Street Baths. It’s not a high drop but it’s a starting point for the boys to have their first dip.

If you are into fishing, the second stop would be to anchor next to an oyster lease (without trespassing) and throw a line; flatheads and breams love hanging around oyster leases. By then, you should be starting to get hungry and it is time to find a secluded island to beach yourself and fire up the barbie.

Once you have found the perfect sandy island (and there are plenty of them), you can relax for the rest of the day while your children explore the waterways with the kayak and/or paddle board. You will quickly notice that a day goes really quick but don’t worry, most boatsheds let you hire the boat for around $50 per extra hour. There are different types of BBQ boats for hire; some are simple floating pontoons while others are modern luxurious catamarans with all the bells and whistles. Prices range from $270 to $500 and most boatsheds along Little Street have them for hire.

With an area of almost 100km2, Wallis lake expands all the way to Pacific Palms, so if you have your own boat and fishing/wake boarding gear, there are plenty of remote spots to explore and use as your own playground.

Forster’s lakes and beaches are a teenager’s water haven, from fishing to boating and surfing, there are plenty of activities to enjoy.
Boats on Wallis Lake Forster

By the time you bring the boat back and gone back to your accommodation, it is probably time to relax.

There is nothing better than soaking up the sun and going for a quick swim at the beach before dinner. And Forster has plenty of beaches to go to. If your children are into surfing, Nine Mile beach in Tuncurry is the place to go but if they are not into waves, then Forster Main Beach is probably the safest. There are two beaches that are patrolled on weekends and school holidays; Main beach is one and the other is the southern part of One Mile Beach.

Personally, my favourite is Burgess Beach; It is located passed One Mile Beach and has two parts: One part is shallow and rocky with lots of rock pools and an area between two long rocks called the “washing machine”. The other area is a long stretch of white sand with a nice surf break perfect for body surfing or boogie boarding.

Boys Surfing

By now, it’s time for dinner, and as I mentioned earlier, Forster has many dining options; enough to cater for everyone’s tastes. There are plenty of ethnic restaurants such as Italian, Mexican, Asian as well as Clubs and cafes that sell regular food such as fish and chips or steaks and burgers.

After dark, you can take the whole family to the Forster Entertainment Centre where they can play arcade games, indoor putt-putt golf, laser skirmish and ten pin bowling. If this doesn’t suit your needs, you can always go to the Cinema in Tuncurry.

So that’s Day One covered! After a long day of fun-filled activities, it’s time to go back to your accommodation and enjoy a well-deserved rest.

I can’t believe it’s already Sunday! And there is so much more to do!!!

Most accommodation providers will make you check out by 10AM so you would want to enjoy where you’re staying as much as you can… After 10AM, with all your luggage packed in the car and before going home, I would recommend the following activities:

Stretch your legs and walk the Bicentennial walk from Main Beach to One Mile Beach with your boogie boards in tow. On that walk, you can stop at The Tanks for your first morning dip. Then, keep walking and stop at the Bennet’s Head Lookout and try to spot a whale or dolphin. And finally, once you have arrived at One Mile Beach, use your boogie boards and slide down the massive sand dune! The walk is not very long, around 90 minutes return but well worth it!

After the walk, and if you still don’t want to go home, another family favourite is going to Aqua Golf; this is a driving range where you hit the ball and try to hit the target. If you succeed, you get a prize. There is also an outdoor mini golf course and a café.

Family on One Mile Sand Dune

Oh my goodness! Look at the time! I can’t believe it’s time to turn around and go home! I hope you will enjoy what Forster has to offer once this lock down has been lifted!

Yours sincerely,


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