One Mile Beach is located in the residential area of Forster and is extremely popular with surfers and families. Patrolled during the holidays and on weekends the beach is bordered by a large park with barbecue, picnic facilities and playground equipment.

One Mile Beach Forster

The northern end is the access to Bennett's Head lookout where 360 degree views of the area can be enjoyed. It also boasts the giant sandhill, popular for sand sliding and boarding, and great photos of the beach from a high vantage point.

Plus there's a stretch of white sand where dolphins can regularly be seen surfing the waves in the clear water.

Contrary to popular belief, the name One Mile Beach, is derived from its distance from Forster post office, not the length of the beach.

What did others have to say?

Giulia Sampogna - Like Wanderlust

a week ago

Great beach, it was beautiful even on a cloudy day!

Greg Nicholas

in the last week

Nice park for families. Great kiosk

Ahmed Mansour

a month ago

My preferred spot in Forster

Ben Galvin (Benoban)

a month ago

Not actually one mile

Subrata Paul

a week ago

Nice place.