A good introduction to the cool solitude of the Coorabakh rainforest can be found at the elevated boardwalk near Starrs Creek picnic area, but for something slightly more adventurous, consider the short walk along Newbys Creek to a natural cave.

Stuttering frogs hide among the lush ferns that border this crystal clear stream. Take off your shoes and shuffle along a creek bed that threads through dense subtropical foliage and moss-covered rocks. Newbys cave is just five minutes from the road, but feels kilometres away. The cave is a large overhanging rock formation that creates a natural shelter above the water.

Rest in the shade and try to spot some of the native wildlife, or retrace your steps and head to the nearby Newbys lookout. The walk along the creek is relatively easy, though the track is unformed and the cave may be inaccessible after heavy rainfalls, when water swells, so be sure to check recent weather before setting out.

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Wazza “Wazza” T

2 years ago

When you first start the walk, it seems to end really quickly, but the path goes on. The cave is probably a 5min walk in. The walk is easy, though it is only a worn path over rocks and tree roots. The cave is not big. More of a rocky overhang. The path does go past the cave and follows the stream. Not sure how much further it goes on. We walked about 10-15 min in and turned around. Beware the leeches, it was quite wet when we went. There is parking for about 3 or 4 cars, there are no amenities here. Great for a little stop and stretch the legs on a day drive through the bush.


a year ago

Great drive and exploring

Stephen Gudgeon

2 years ago

Easy walk to cave

lincoln stocks

a year ago


Julian Cole

a year ago