Located north-east of Taree, the historic Crowdy Head Lighthouse is one of six small lighthouses designed by Colonial Architect James Barnet on the NSW north coast between 1872 and 1891:

  • Fingal Head (7 metres tall) 1872
  • Sugarloaf Point (15 metres) 1875
  • Crowdy Head (7 metres) 1878
  • Ballina Head (7 metres) 1879
  • Tacking Point (8 metres) 1879
  • Smoky Cape (14 metres) 1891

The panoramic views from the lighthouse reserve are breathtaking. Looking north you can see beyond Diamond Head and the Three Brothers mountains (south, middle and north), which were named by Captain James Cook in 1770 as he sailed up the east coast. To the south you can see as far as Seal Rocks.

This is a great spot for a bit of whale watching as Crowdy Head is amongst a number of spots on the north coast that has a great easterly position. The whales migrate north to warmer waters during May to July, and return to the rich southern feeding grounds in the Antarctic during August to October.

Crowdy Head Lighthouse
Crowdy Head view south
Crowdy Head view north
Crowdy Head Lighthouse for whale watching3