In 1894 a long breakwall was built to protect the entry channel for shipping, which now serves as a scenic walk and great fishing location.

Pilot Hill Harrington with Manning River view
Harrington Aaron Cuneo Non Exclusive 2

The nearby Pilot Hill Lookout (Pilot Hill Reserve) provides expansive views over the river delta and the graves on the hill bear witness to the pilots whose task was to guide the boats over the bar.

Harrington Aaron Cuneo Non Exclusive 3

What did others have to say?

Donna Low

a month ago

A scenic lookout in Harrington. Worth the visit, and there are seats so you can relax and admire the beautiful ocean, beach and river all at once.

Kate Lester

a month ago

Stunning views and lovely area to have a coffee and lunch.

Sam Dobner

a week ago

Good viewsof rivermouth

Paul Skilleter

in the last week

Beautiful location and the view is amazing

Brendan Ashby

a year ago

A lovely little town great fishing locals were all out on the walkway fishing catching plenty of bream however they weren't very how shall I say friendly to The Tourist I must have just had a bad day but they certainly didn't want to talk to you or explain things to you while they fist tried to speak to three or four of them along the way they just weren't interested so if you going to there for a nice place it's good but if you're going for a little chat to meet some people and to see what the place is like I'm not sure if you will get a response