If you want wild, windswept and remote... Mungo Beach is it.

Mungo Beach offers a spectacular beach driving experience with long stretches. It's the third longest ‎beach in New South Wales and one of the most dramatic with frequent big surf, high dunes and ‎blowouts, making this beach drive one not to miss out on. ‎If want to take a dip into the waters of this ‎stunning beach, then do take care as this beach is hazardous and is known to have rips and currents. ‎Mungo Beach is not too far from Mungo Brush Campground; once you pass the campsite the ‎beach awaits you and your 4WD.

Mungo Beach runs 18km north from Dark Point to Big Gibber Headland. The beach is accessible at Mungo Brush car park, Dees Corner and Sandy Point near Dark Point.

What did others have to say?

Imran Khan

a year ago

Great place specially for couples who are after always quiet secluded place for fun on beach comfortably without fear of getting caught. You can be nude have fun fearlessly. Just be mindful before diving into water if u ain't good swimmer.

Malik Ahamed

a year ago

We did the 4WD beach track over the long weekend. Had an amazing weekend here cruising along the shoreline. Recommend deflating your tires to 14psi before you hit the beach. Get your park pass at the closest campsite kiosk.

Toboggan ride Steve Durrheim

a year ago

Very beautiful but a little busy

Abbas Khan

2 years ago

Great place for sand driving. Some areas are not for newbies go out well prepared.

Allison Richards

2 years ago

Very pretty beach