Forster Ocean Baths, also known as The Bull Ring, was officially opened on the 18 January 1936. The pool dimensions are 56 metres along the northern wall (rear wall), 50 metres along the eastern wall and 69 metres along the western wall.

The baths are located in North Street, Forster and are adjacent to the patrolled Forster Main Beach. This well utilised facility is home to the Forster Mud Crabs Swimmers who can be seen training on Sunday mornings during the winter months.

Water from the ocean is gravity fed at high tide through the inlet valve positioned on the eastern side of the wall. Water and debris flows through the pipe to the sediment well where sand, rocks, seaweed and shells collect at the base of the well. Water is pumped from the well into the swimming pool.

The pool is cleaned monthly by opening the outlet valve, which is located on the north-western corner of the pool. The pool is completely emptied of water. All walls are pressured cleaned and marine growth is removed off the sides of the structure. All sand is removed from the base of the pool and replaced with fresh sand. The enclosure is then filled with fresh ocean water.