Enjoy The Movement

Enjoy The Movement

Rockpool Rd
Tuncurry NSW 2428

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Come join us for an hour of positivity and relaxation – movement optional, but enjoyment guaranteed!

Welcome to Enjoy The Movement, where our focus is on providing rejuvenating sessions amidst the breathtaking scenery and shores of the Barrington Coast.

We believe in inclusivity, welcoming individuals of all ages and fitness levels, whether you're on your own, with a partner, friends, or family. Our sessions may resemble gentle yoga, qi gong, or soft stretches to some, but we prefer to keep things open-ended, prioritising the joy of movement over rigid labels. Age and attire are irrelevant; we simply encourage comfort and being yourself.

Join us for a consistent yet varied experience each morning and afternoon, because who needs too many surprises whilst on holidays, right? Check out our sessions and secure your spot.

We offer passes and packages tailored to suit your preferences, ensuring everyone can Enjoy The Movement.

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