Broughton Island is a bit like a touch of Greece in our own backyard

Broughton Island campground is the only place in NSW where you can camp among an active seabird colony.

Camping on Broughton Island is a truly special experience. Located in Myall Lakes National Park, you'll be camping amongst an active seabird colony- it’s a key breeding site for wedge-tailed shearwaters.

There are plenty of opportunities for water activities, including swimming, fishing, boating, snorkelling and scuba diving. You’ll find sandy beaches within Esmeralda Cove.

With only five campsites, you’ll feel like you own the island. The campground is fairly basic, so you’ll have to bring all your equipment and supplies with you, including water. You must book and pre-pay for a campsite prior to arriving at the island.

Broughton Island swimming
Photo captured by Alana McDonald


Access is by vessel only. If travelling by private vessel, you should register your movements with Marine Rescue Port Stephens on marine radio prior to travel, or you can organise transport with a tour operator. Please be advised that tour operator schedules and prices vary, so we recommend that you contact the tour operator before booking your campsite to ensure that transport is available and the costs suit your requirements.

Guided tours and transport services run to the island by the following tour operators:

Access to the campground is via Esmeralda Cove, on the south-eastern side of the island. The moorings in Esmeralda Cove are all privately owned and cannot be used by the general public.

Broughton Island must credit East Coast Photography 4
Broughton Island must credit East Coast Photography 2

What did others have to say?

Drifta Camping and 4WD

5 years ago

amazing place. one of the most beautiful islands on the coast, not far from port stephens. great boat ride there, often can see sharks or a pod of ocean dolphins on the way . also whales at the right time of year. providence bay on the north is gorgeous in a southerly, as is coal shaft bay on the south west side in a nor easter. then esmeralda cove where the fishing huts are is usually pretty good in all weather, but watch for breaking waves in larger seas coming in. plenty of bombies around particularly on the north side so need to watch the chart. couple of tracks link the three beaches, so an interesting walk across the island. other tracks are very overgrown so bring boots and long pants if u want to explore more, lots of prickly pear around is no fun in bare feet . pick your days to go there calmer the better. but yeah magnificent place one of my favourite places in the world

paul cristina

5 years ago

Rugged Beauty. Great spot to camp and explore with interesting flora and fauna.

Quazi Haque

4 years ago

Beautiful and peaceful camping sites on the island with excellent swimming areas

Michael Rumble

5 years ago

Fabulous white sandy beach faces north and another faces south so protection from prevailing winds is possible. Unspoilt bays and many opportunities to snorkel. Love this place!

Cons Ponus

3 years ago

Magical island, it must be on your bucket list