Growing Greens At Home online workshop

Growing Greens At Home online workshop

Past Event

Mon 23 Jan9am - 10am

Garden to Table Permaculture
Online workshop
Diamond Beach NSW 2430

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Pick your own salad greens in just 4 weeks.

With the price of lettuce reaching $12 per iceberg there's never been a better time to learn how to empower yourself and start by growing salad greens at home.

Current food prices reflect our food security and impacts our daily lives, so with some essential knowledge you can grow your own food to suit a small budget with very little cost.

It's easy and with a very simple set up... you can be picking your own salad greens in just 4 weeks!

This one hour online workshop is presented by the talented Megan from Garden To Table Permaculture. You'll see a demonstration of planting out a raised garden bed with an inground worm farm.

Plus you'll get a 25 minute video to watch at home, detailed workshop notes, and a month by month planting guide.

You'll learn how to:
- Choose good quality soil if you don’t have your own compost
- How to install a subpod worm farm to deliver nutrients to your plants
- What to grow – you will receive a month-by-month planting guide to print and laminate
- How to set up your garden
- Plant seedlings, mulch and the importance of good watering
- How to keep your plants healthy
- How to grow food in a small space even if you are renting

You'll also receive discount codes to purchase the garden bed and worm farm to set up your new garden.

Cost: $47

More details call 0413 769 530.

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