Edible Gardening online course

Edible Gardening online course

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Wed 1 Feb9am - 10am

Wed 1 Mar9am - 10am

Garden to Table Permaculture
Online course
Diamond Beach NSW 2430

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Learn how to grow food and design an abundant edible garden.

With the rising cost of living there has never been a better time to learn how to grow an abundance of healthy, beyond organic produce that is packed full of nutrients.

In this 7 week self-paced online course you’ll be guided through a step by step process from soils, composting, design, growing edibles with little effort and maximum yield.

There'll be two one hour online live session on 1 February 2023 and 1 March 2023.

Cost: $247

More details call 0413 769 530.

In this online workshop you will learn how to grow and design an edible garden in just 7 weeks!

Module 1 – Introduction to Edible Gardening

Benefits of Growing Food At Home
Learn about the Permaculture Ethics and Principles
Learn when to plant your Edible Plants Month by Month
Learn about Companion Planting Guide

Module 2 – Soils
Learn how to create a NO DIG Garden
Build your own NO DIG Garden

Module 3 – Worm Farming, Compost and Mulch
Learn how to make compost
Learn how to maintain a Worm Farm
Learn about different mulches and where to apply them

Module 4 – Zones & Elements in an Edible Garden
Learn about zones and where to position your compost, chook pen, pizza oven & raised garden beds
Design your edible garden

Module 5 – Wicking Beds
Watch step by step videos on how to create your own wicking bed (self watering raised garden bed)

Module 6 – Growing Edible Plants
Learn how to grow different Edible Plants in your garden
Backyard vegie patch