Here's a list of our Visitor Idea Points, bringing our local knowledge and ideas to you!

Ask us. Ask an expert. Ask a local.

It's not just our Visitor Idea Centres where our you can find the best ideas for your visit. Our designated Visitor Idea Points are conveniently dotted around the Barrington Coast with friendly locals who know all the secret spots to have you living like a local in no time.

Ask us. Ask an expert. Ask a local. We know.

There are now 19 Visitor Idea Points scattered across the region, with two in Tea Gardens and 17 in the Manning Valley:

  1. Bent On Food, Wingham
  2. Bent On Life, Wingham
  3. Flow Bar, Old Bar
  4. Hallidays Point Library, Black Head
  5. Harrington Library
  6. Manning Entertainment Centre, Taree
  7. Manning Regional Art Gallery, Taree
  8. Mid Coast Holiday Accommodation Centre, Black Head
  9. Muse Arts & Crafts, Nabiac
  10. Myall Community Art & Craft Centre, Tea Gardens
  11. Old Bar Library
  12. Old Bar Village Cafe
  13. Professionals Harrington
  14. Taree Craft Cottage & Café
  15. Taree Library
  16. Tea Gardens Library
  17. The Artisan Farmer, Nabiac
  18. The Junction Cafe, Yalawanyi Ganya Taree
  19. Wingham Library
  20. Wingham Museum
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