Electric vehicles are the future of transport and the future has just driven up, quietly.

While you’re here on holidays unplugging from your stress, you should know where to plug-in your EV.

If you’re reading this then you’ll probably already know all the benefits of owning an electric vehicle (EV). But if you’re an EV newbie, then here’s a quickly summary of why you should be buying one:

  • Cheaper to run (even cheaper if you use your own solar panels as your source)
  • Cheaper to maintain (less moving parts, no expensive engine bits that can break)
  • Better for the environment (less pollution, can use renewable energy as the source plus some models use recycled materials for extra eco-credits)
  • Health benefits (ever stood next to conventional traffic for a while?)
  • Safety benefits (lower risk of fires or explosions in an accident)
  • National energy security (who wants to be propping up the OPEC cartel when you could be running your car off the sun?)
EV chargers at Yalawanyi Ganya in Taree.
EV chargers at Yalawanyi Ganya in Taree.

As an EV owner, you’re probably clever enough to find the latest list of charging points all over Australia at www.plugshare.com.au

But just in case, here’s our list of charging point locations in the Barrington Coast and on approach nearby. So don’t lose the buzz while you’re on holiday!

  1. Boolambayte Fingal Farm – 62 Boolambayte Rd (Type 2)
  2. Bulahdelah Bowling Club - 50 Jackson St (caravan mains socket)
  3. Dungog Royal Hotel - 80 Dowling St (wall outlet 3112)
  4. Crowdy Bay Eco Resort – 551 Crowdy Head Rd (wall outlets 15A)
  5. Coolongolook BP - Pacific Highway (wall outlet 3112)
  6. Darawank Wallamba River Holiday Park - 99 Aquatic Rd (wall outlet 3112; 10A 240V)
  7. Diamond Beach Serenity (prev Ramada Resort) - 357 Diamond Beach Rd (wall outlet 3112)
  8. Diamond Beach Sea Horse - 209 Diamond Beach Rd (Tesla plug)
  9. Diamond Beach Seafarers - 16 Saltwater Cres (Tesla plug)
  10. Forster 22 North St (wall outlet 3112)
  11. Forster Fairways Community Charger – 2/19 Boundary St (J1772)
  12. Forster Holiday Village - 5 Middle St (Type 2)
  13. Forster Stockland mall - 123 Breese Pde (EV plug J1772) & 2 Tesla Destination chargers
  14. Gloucester carpark – Billabong Lane (three phase 32A)
  15. Harrington Hotel – 32 Beach St (Chargefox Type 2)
  16. Hawks Nest - 94 Booner St (Type 2 EVX polecharger)
  17. Hawks Nest Providence Bay Park - 108 Booner St (wall outlet 3112)
  18. Heatherbrae BP – 269 Pacific Hwy (CHAdeMO; CCS/SAE)
  19. Heatherbrae Supercharger - 2285 Pacific Highway **TESLA HIGH POWER STATION** (6 x Tesla superchargers)
  20. Johns River Tavern - 28 Johns River Rd (wall outlet 3112: 240V 15A)
  21. Karuah BP - 403 Tarean Rd: **CHARGEFOX HIGH POWER STATION** (2 x Tritium Ultrafast; 350kW CCS; 1 x 50kW CCS/CHAdeMO)
  22. Kew Camden Haven Information Centre - 4887 Pacific Highway (wall outlet 3112: 10A)
  23. Kew Motel – 144 Nancy Bird Walton Dr (2 x Tesla plugs)
  24. Nabiac Park NRMA - 35 Nabiac St **NRMA HIGH POWER STATION** fast charger that’s free for NRMA members (CHAdeMO DCFC; CCS DCFC)
  25. Port Macquarie Supercharger - 10 Winery Drive **TESLA HIGH POWER STATION** (6 x Tesla superchargers)
  26. Seal Rocks – Treachery Camp (wall outlet 3112)
  27. Stroud Showground, Bucketts Way (wall outlet 3112; three phase 32A)
  28. Taree South Service Centre - 201 Manning River Drive, Glenthorne **HIGH POWER STATION** (4 x CHAdeMO DCFC; 4 x CCS DCFC)
  29. Taree Alabaster Motor Inn - 23 Oxley St (2 x Tesla model S, model X)
  30. Taree In Town Motor Inn - 77 Victoria Street (2 x Mennekes type 2)
  31. Taree Yalawanyi Ganya (MidCoast Council building) - 2 Biripi Way (2 x Mennekes type 2)
  32. Tea Gardens Tillermans - 75B Marine Drive (three phase 32A, attached to telegraph pole opposite Tillermans restaurant, accessible from 2 spaces either side of concrete island)
  33. Tea Gardens Anzac Park - 46 Marine Drive (wall outlet 3112; three phase 32A - 2 x 3 phase 5 pin; 1 x 3 phase 30amp and 5 x 15amp)
  34. Thrumster Sovereign Place NRMA - John Oxley Drive **NRMA HIGH POWER STATION** fast charger that’s free for NRMA members (2 x CHAdeMO DCFC; 2 x CCS DCFC)
  35. Twelve Mile Creek at Australian Motor Homes Tourist Park and Fish Farm - 4406 Pacific Highway (wall outlet 3112; three phase 32A; caravan mains socket; 10A 240v)

List current at 19 Sep 2023, sourced from www.plugshare.com.au

Chargefox EV charger.
Chargefox EV charger.

Mechanics are even starting to realise that electric cars have few downsides. Craig Salmon is one that loves them:

“They’re spectacularly simple. You don’t get your hands dirty because there’s no oil. They don’t have exhausts. They don’t have turbos. They don’t have all the things that break on petrol cars."

"Car enthusiasts hate them because they run so silent: you can’t get any noise out of them. Mechanics think they’re the antichrist because they’re so damn reliable. For me? Driving something renewable is amazing.

"We’ve had 100 years of pouring fuel down a plughole, so to speak. To plug a car into your roof – it is incredible.”

Are you convinced yet?

Nissan Leaf EV engine bay.
Nissan Leaf EV engine bay.

MidCoast Council councillor and ex-mayor David West is a big fan of electric vehicles. "Facilitating EV motoring in our region is a natural fit for us, in keeping with our strong focus on environmental protection and conservation. Tourism is vital to our economy and the Barrington Coast's unique offering of nature-based experiences attracts visitors who are also interested in EV motoring.”

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