Buccan Buccans for views of Gloucester rarely seen

The Buccan Buccans (the Bucketts Mountains) are the dramatic rocky outcrops overlooking Gloucester. This area of native vegetation of 1370 hectares act as rocky sentinels above the peaceful Gloucester valley and provide a large area of island habitat in a sea of farmland.

Known as the Lions Bucketts Scenic Walk, this is not an easy walk but it provides ample rewards: panoramic views of the Gloucester valley, a rich array of flowering plants, wildlife and wonderful photo opportunities.

The whole of the Bucketts Mountains are on private land, it’s essential that you show due respect as you are on private property. The walk ends at the base of the rocky outcrop. Please keep to marked trails and take all rubbish with you (including food scraps) and do not remove any flora or fauna. Visitors undertake the walk at their own risk.

  • Cost: Free