Khappinghat Creek the quiet spot to paddle

Enjoy flatwater kayaking or canoeing in a lovely, tranquil estuary setting at Khappinghat Creek. Seeing rainforest, mangroves, salt flats, and sedge and rush-dominated, undeveloped wetlands from your kayak is a completely immersive experience.

The estuary is one of only a few naturally opening and closing estuarine systems on the mid-north coast of NSW, making it a terrific, low-impact way to explore this gorgeous area.

The creek is popular with flat-water canoeists and kayakers all year round. Birdwatching from your canoe means you can glide past without making a sound, so come equipped with your binoculars to spot white-breasted sea eagles, ospreys and brehminy kites. When you're finished, enjoy a picnic at Saltwater picnic area .