Feel the presence of Country at Bulahdelah Mountain.

Bulahdelah Mountain is an Aboriginal Place with cultural, spiritual and historical significance to the Worimi people of the Barrington Coast.

It includes walking tracks and lookouts to respectfully explore and enjoy, including traditional tree carvings, a cultural space with seating and fire-pit, and visitor facilities.

Bulahdelah Mountain is 292 metres and there are several tracks to explore:

  • Boolah-Dillah Track from the car park is a steep walk to the Worimi cultural area where you can rest or picnic.
  • Mountain Track from the cultural area leads to the Mountain Lookout for spectacular views over Bulahdelah.
  • Ted Baker Track follows the old tramline south to Ted Baker Lookout, which gives panoramic views across the Myall River and coast.

The lookouts are natural rock cliffs without barriers so you’ll feel part of the natural landscapes and stunning views.

We hope you make a spiritual connection to Country here.

Alum Mountain no more

Bulahdelah Mountain Aboriginal Place has been historically referred to as ‘Alum Mountain’, after the disused alum refinery that once processed a chemical compound called alum (a salt of aluminium to be precise) from the alunite ore found on the mountain. Mining in this area ended in the latter part of the nineteenth century. In the Kattang language of the Worimi, it's Boolah Dillah.

What did others have to say?

David Monck

3 months ago

Great walk and stunning views

Dilum Bandara

a month ago

Moderate hike to top of mountain with a some scenic views. I would say the journey was far more interesting than end view. Full of tall trees with many boulders. Initial assend is a bit challenging. Once you reach community area it's much easier to go further

Stephen Dubos

a year ago

Excellent hike up the mountain, several lookouts to explore. Quiet and a good escape

Mel Yeates

2 years ago

When the sign says steep hike, it's a steep hike! Moderate level of fitness required, and have sturdy footing as the track is slippery with loose pebbles. The tree carvings are amazing, and there's a bat cave on the right just after the junction between lookouts on the main track. Hold your breath, though, as it stinks! Beautiful walk, would love to do again when the orchids are out.

Malcolm Carrall

2 years ago

Great walking trails plenty to see. Great views at the top.