The top 5 walks near Myall Lakes

From Seal Rocks to Hawks Nest to Bulahdelah, an array of spectacular views await you around Myall Lakes National Park. Whether it’s from headland or mountain top, the vistas of wild deserted beaches, lakes and coastal forests are breathtaking, so refill your lungs with fresh sea air and head off on your Barrington Coast adventure!

1. Sugarloaf Point Lighthouse walk, Myall Lakes National Park

  • START: End of Kinka Rd, Seal Rocks
  • DISTANCE: 1.5 km (return)
  • TIME: 40 minutes
  • GRADE: Easy

This walk starts from the car park at the end of Kinka Road in Seal Rocks village. It follows the narrow access road under a forest canopy to the lighthouse cottages for beautiful views. Keep some energy for the short steep path up to the lighthouse itself where the best views are to be enjoyed: the coast northwards from Sugarloaf Point plus southwards across the wildness of Lighthouse Beach and Treachery Beach.

Sugarloaf Point Lighthouse1
Sugarloaf Point Lighthouse
Seal Rocks Lighthouse Cottages

2. Treachery Headland Track, Myall Lakes National Park

  • START: Lighthouse Beach 4WD parking
  • DISTANCE: 2 km
  • TIME: 1 hour
  • GRADE: Easy

Treachery Headland walking track offers impressive views back towards Sugarloaf Point Lighthouse, the rocky headland and the coastline. It’s a short walk, taking you on a journey through the park’s coastal rainforest. You’ll pass a giant fig tree with intricate buttress roots before reaching the grassy headland where stunning views await. A sidetrack off the main one will take you down to the white sands of the secluded Treachery Beach. It’s a great spot for fishing and surfing. If you continue along Yagon Road to Yagon Campground, you can also access an intriguingly named beach down the Submarine Beach walking track.

3. Mungo Walking Track, Myall Lakes National Park

  • START: Mungo Brush Campground
  • DISTANCE: 21km (one way)
  • TIME: 10 hours
  • GRADE: Medium

Mungo walking track is a feast for the body, mind and senses. A delightful collection of walks which joins Mungo Brush Campground on the shores of Bombah Broadwater to Hawks Nest. It’s a long yet easy walk, taking in some important Aboriginal and historic sites and diverse vegetation. Set out towards the Myall River along Tamboi walking track arriving at the Tamboi Village. Continuing south, meander along old sand dunes on historic mining routes, passing a part of the track between Brambles green campground and Dark Point Aboriginal Place which is known for its splendid display of colourful wildflowers. This walk can be done in one day or broken into sections by camping lakeside overnight.

Mungo Walking Track, Myall Lakes National Park, dense bushland along the Myall Lake
Kate Miles Purchased Korsmans Landing Myall Lakes NP 1
Myall Lake, Myall Lakes National Park shoreline

4. Yacaaba Headland Walking Track, Myall Lakes National Park

  • START: Southern End of Bennetts Beach, Hawks Nest
  • DISTANCE: 3.5 km (each way)
  • TIME: 3 hours return
  • GRADE: Hard

If you enjoy a challenging walk and scenic views rolled into one, then grab your hiking boots and make your way to Yacaaba Headland. The track begins from Bennetts Beach along a steep path which winds its way past smooth barked angophoras, gnarly banksias and grass trees. As the track veers north, take a break and admire the inspiring views up the coastline. The final section to the top gets rockier and steeper but along the forested ridgetop you’ll be treated to coastal views across the southernmost point of the Barrington Coast, the Tomaree headlands and northwards to Seal Rocks.

Yacaaba Headland Hawks Nest Leanne Ledlin lealedlin Written Permission 4 06 18

5. Alum Mountain Walk, Bulahdelah

  • START: Mountain Park, Mead St, Bulahdelah - walk over the iron bridge (highway overpass) and follow the track up.
  • DISTANCE: 2.5 km (return)
  • TIME: 2 hours
  • GRADE: Easy

Inland from Myall Lakes National Park you’ll find the country town of Bulahdelah, named after the nearby mountain. Bulahdelah Mountain is also known as the Alum Mountain, after the disused alum refinery that once processed a chemical compound called alum (a salt of aluminium to be precise) from the alunite ore found on the mountain. The mountain is 292 metres and there are a number of different tracks. The Trolley Track is a steep walk to the top level picnic area. The Ted Baker Trail starts from the road just before the top picnic area and follows the tramline south from the tunnel quarry to the Ted Baker Lookout, which gives panoramic views across the hinterland and coast. The Tunnel Quarry Walk is an easy walk from the top picnic area through a short tunnel to the quarry. The Mountain Lookout Track follows the Alunite Trail from the top picnic area and gives you spectacular views of Bulahdelah and the local river system. Keep your eyes open for rare orchids.

Bulahdelah Mountain Walk
Bulahdelah Mountain bushland
Bulahdelah Mountain walking track
Bulahdelah Mountain walking track top views

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