Riverside camping at the Barnard River.

From rugged campers to casual caravaners, Bretti Reserve campground is the perfect spot for almost everyone. Nestled between four national parks, the campground offers 10 hectares of natural beauty on the beautiful Barnard River near its junction with the Manning River.

Free camping plus dog friendly! The maximum stay is 14 nights.

Access is via the gravel road off Thunderbolts Way at Bretti that descends to the river flats below.

Here you can take time to enjoy the great outdoors, whether it is swimming, canoeing, bush walking or just reading and relaxing.

Bretti has everything you need, from picnic tables and wood barbecues to drinking water.

Please note, there is no power available at this campground and the amenities houses basic toilet facilities only.

Barnard River, Bretti Reserve
Barnard River at Bretti Reserve

What did others have to say?

Neil Anderson

a month ago

Great open space for camping with a great river for swimming. Pet friendly also. If you have forgotten anything, Gloucester is only 25 minute drive away. Only bad points I would mention is 1) the same with any camp ground in the hotter months, the shady spots get taken first and due to Bretti being so open, the shady spots are only along the river tree line so if you have a big offroad caravan, you won't be able to fit it in some shaded areas. 2) would be the age old river rocks in the ground everywhere making it hard for tent pegs. Great spot, saved as a favourite and am definitely going there again.

Rudy Martignago

in the last week

Fantastic place to Camp. Few visits from the cows, horses and the donkey. We highly recommend this camp site.

Teshan Karannagoda

2 months ago

a spectacular water stream. Kids love it. We stop here to use urinate facilities (Rest Area). but ended up spending more than a hour in the water. both kids and adult can use the natural pool. It Looks a good camping site as well.

Teena Allan

2 months ago

Went for picnic. Views spectacular. Running creek. Picnic table and toilets. Great for camping. Will come again.

Shane Schafer

2 months ago

Beautiful place to camp, dog friendly and make sure you bring some inflatable mattresses for the kids to ride the "rapids" downstream starting from the causeway.