Barrington Wildlife Sanctuary

Barrington Wildlife Sanctuary

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Tomalla NSW 2337

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Wildlife sanctuary high in Barrington Tops at Aussie Ark conservation facility.

Barrington Wildlife Sanctuary encloses 400 hectares of wilderness and is primarily made up of open forests and grasslands. Aussie Ark aims to protect and preserve the habitat within the sanctuary through the removal of noxious weeds, habitat augmentation and of course in the return of lost species.

Opened in November 2020, the fences that enclose the sanctuary are specially designed to keep foxes, cats and pigs out and to protect the spectacular habitat that is so unique to the Barrington region. Some of Aussie Ark’s species - Tasmanian devils and Eastern quolls - were released into the sanctuary in 2020. Releases in 2021 included Long-nosed potoroos, Parma wallabies, Rufous bettongs and Brush-tailed rock wallabies.

In 2022 more Eastern quolls and Long-nosed potoroos were released. Also in 2022, Tasmanian devil joeys have successfully bred in a ‘wild scenario’ in the santuary, for the second year in a row.

A large number of local wildlife will also find the sanctuary a safe-haven from predation including the Broad-toothed rat, Greater glider, and abundant birdlife to name just a few!

Aussie Ark has a vision of creating a long-term future for Australia’s threatened wildlife and aims of rewilding the Barrington Tops – returning a suite of missing mammals’ species back to the landscape.

Aussie Ark is NSW’s largest independently-owned and operated conservation organisation and is home to seven keystone species once found in the Barrington Tops of NSW. Aussie Ark has a vision of providing a long-term future for Australia’s threatened native wildlife through species and habitat recovery. Aussie Ark also firmly believes in creating healthy ecosystems within its sanctuaries, totalling more than 1000 hectares, and through rewilding.

Quolls released in Barrington Wildlife Sanctuary.
Quolls released in Barrington Wildlife Sanctuary.
Eastern quoll by aussie ark

What did others have to say?

Alice Milson

10 months ago

Absolutely awesome experience. Cannot recommend it enough! Very thorough and knowledgeable staff who have great delivery. Hands on opportunities with younger Devils, and up close contact with adult Devils. Lots of other animals to see as well like Eastern Spotted Quolls, Betongs, and other macropods. Plenty of parking. Toilets on site. Tea and coffee available after tour. Great gift shop. Yes it may seem expensive to book, but it's by far the best zoo/sanctuary experience I've had.

Adri Ramzan

8 months ago

Unbelievably important work the team do here. Definitely take the time to head up there and support them, take the tour and be amazed.

Nathan Butler

5 months ago

Attended a tour of Aussie ark with my family conducted by Dean. Loved seeing these beautiful Devils up so close. Dean was very knowledgeable and was happy to answer all of our questions. We were able to walk with the Devils, stand close to them while they fed and cuddle some babies. Easily one of the best experiences of our lives

Tracy Kane

a year ago

Amazing', wonderful to see so many healthy animals. A truly educational experience. The exceptional guides Lockie and Rory taught us so much. We will definitely go again. If you love Australia you must go!

Margaret Bates

2 weeks ago

Wonderful work going on here. Ranger, Tyler was extremely knowledgeable and his enthusiasm for his work rubbed off onto my family. I encourage all to visit this important place