Live and Local at the MEC - Goodfellas and The Jay Davis Band

Live and Local at the MEC - Goodfellas and The Jay Davis Band

Past Event

Fri 9 Oct7:30pm - 10pm

Manning Entertainment Centre
33 Manning River Dr
Taree NSW 2430

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We’re celebrating Live and Local talent with our re-opening series that brings you the best homegrown acts on the Barrington Coast.
Kicking off the series is the irrepressible Goodfellas and the sensational Jay Davis Band.

The Goodfellas band is made up of a group of terrific musicians who just love to play music together. It comprises (at various times) Matt Oats on fiddle, Matt Zarb on guitar, vocals and misc., Mick Eyb on drums and vocals, Scotty Greenaway on Bass and vocals, and occasionally Anthony Walmsley on guitar as well.
Each player is a unique entity each carrying their own special story and bag of musical tricks to the Goodfellas stage. A gig with the fellas is always, exciting, colourful, funny, and entertaining, thoughtful, fast, slow and in between. It’s hard to pin a style on the band as there are way too many influences they draw from. Always keen to explore so it’s always a musical adventure. Collectively their personal musical journeys combine to create their unique sound.

The whole idea in the band and its naming was that you had to be a good fella, (guy or gal) to play in the line-up. Always a great recipe for great music if that’s the ticket in they say. This line up started at the 2020 Tamworth Festival where it all just fell together on stage over three hours. At the end of the gig all the lads just wanted to keep playing like kids with new toys.The network from where all these fellas come from to make this all happen is a great story in itself.

The Jay Davis Trio has now expanded to a four piece band, and they’ll be carving it up on stage for the Live and Local series. Frontman Jay is an accomplished Koori singer, songwriter and musician who has been playing his melodic funk locally and nationally for over 2 decades. He has supported Archie Roach, Bobby McLeod, Skunkhour and Supergroove to name just a few.

Duration: Approximately 2 hrs 30 mins including interval

Please be aware of The Manning Entertainment Centre’s new COVID-Safe Plan and patron requirements: