Bronwyn Barton exhibition

Bronwyn Barton exhibition

Past Event

Thu 21 Jul - Sun 14 Aug10am - 4pm

Gloucester Gallery
25 Denison St
Gloucester NSW 2422


Exhibition of artworks by Bronwyn Barton.

Although my previous work life was finance/number based my artworks are perhaps surprisingly far more organic. Inspired by the natural sub-tropical bush where I live, my semi abstract artworks are a response to the positive and the negative shapes, the textures, lines, shadows and reflections I see around me. I love to wander and pick up debris and withered bark to keep as references. My phone is full of photos of plant forms from around my garden.

I am an intuitive painter who loves the luscious properties of paint and the expressive marks I can make not just with a brush but with whatever is at hand. My process is one of act and respond where experimentation is encouraged. I paint in layers and use different methods to reveal the underlying colour which provides a sense of both depth and spontaneity.

My aim is to create pieces that are striking from a distance but provide the viewer with so much more when they get in close.

Currently my artworks are held by collectors both here in Australia and overseas.

This exhibition is open daily:

  • Thursday to Saturday 10am - 4pm
  • Sunday 10am - 1pm

Entry is free.

Bronwyn Barton artist