The best waterfall in the Barrington Tops? Let me give you the heads up on the must-sees!

Are you ready for some waterfall chasing? Then it is time to head to Barrington Tops: one of the state's most beautiful national parks.

It is hard to think of a better place in New South Wales for waterfalls. This has probably got something to do with the fact that Barrington Tops National Park is home to several river headwaters. With the mighty Manning, Williams and Barrington flowing down its mountains, as well as many smaller rivers, countless rivulets, streams and creeks… it is a paradise for waterfall lovers! Then there is the above average yearly rainfall topping them all up. No matter the section of the park you are in and whatever the waterway, there will invariably be some form of waterfall or cascade for you to enjoy (as well as some truly stunning swimming holes).

It is hard to think of a better place in New South Wales for waterfalls.
Catherine Boyd

People often ask what the best waterfall in Barrington Tops is, and to me that is an impossible question to answer! So instead, I will give you the heads up on the must sees for whenever you are visiting the area.

Gloucester River Falls

This is found on the walk of the same name. A lovely walk that leads you to a viewing platform looking out over the multi-tiered waterfall. You can also continue along the track and with a bit of a scramble get down to the river itself. The openness and large granite rocks here make it a perfect spot for a cuppa and snack. You can then enjoy a refreshing swim on hot day (friendly warning, it is still quite chilly even in summer!)

Gloucester Falls
Gloucester Falls

Antarctic Beech Forest Track

The cascades on this walk take you into another world. The waterway winds around a fragile and delicate ecosystem that has every shade of green imaginable. As you stroll along the path you have the opportunity of walking the short loop and witnessing one of the prettiest cascades of the park. Your other option is to stay on the longer loop where you will drop down into the valley. You will come to a section where you can rock hop across some stepping stones before taking a moment to watch and listen to the rushing water. This section is a wonderful example of Gondwana forest with its Beech trees and layers of moss and lichen. It is highly sensitive to human traffic, so make sure you keep to the paths and leave its ancient natural heritage for future generations to enjoy.

The waterway winds around a fragile and delicate ecosystem that has every shade of green imaginable.
The cascades on the long walk of the Antarctic Beech Forest Walk
Gloucester Tops cascade (photo: Catherine Boyd)

Polblue Falls

When little effort has a huge reward! This is one of the easiest waterfall strolls in Barrington. Leaving from the Polblue Falls picnic area carpark and strolling amongst some beautiful eucalyptus forest, you will arrive at the viewing platform in next to no time. Again, there is a track off to the side that allows you to rock hop down to the waterfall. Here you can just sit and breathe in the beautiful sub alpine air.

Gummi Falls

If you have a 4WD then you have access to another waterfall on the Barrington plateau. Taking the turn off from Tubrabucca road and onto Bullock Brush trail, you will bump and splash along for several kilometres until you reach Gummi Falls campground. From here it is only a few steps to the river and its rocky set falls. Keep in mind this area has seasonal restrictions and is closed to vehicles over winter and into early spring.

Rocky Crossing Falls

One of the highlights of the Williams River in the southern precinct of Barrington Tops! The clarity of the water in this section is some of the clearest in the park. Depending on how much time you have, there are several walking options. You can either hike directly to the waterfall via Lagoon Pinch carpark. Or you can park at Williams River carpark and enjoy the entire Rocky Crossing Walking Trail. If you have the spare the time, I would definitely make a day of it as then you can enjoy the cascading waterways of the adjoining Blue Gum River Walk too.

Rocky Crossing Walking Track Williams River, Barrington Tops
Rocky Crossing on the Williams River

Jerusalem Creek Falls

Once you park at the Jerusalem Creek Picnic Area it's a pleasant ramble down into the forest to one of the most southern found waterfalls in the park. There are several spots where you can stop and access the waterway, but the main set of falls is towards the bottom of this return walk. It is towards the base that you can also access a lookout to view the tiered cascade. And what a view it is, nestled amongst the sub-tropical greenery! I highly recommend you visit this beauty after some rainy days to see it at its full potential.

Jerusalem Creek Falls
Jerusalem Creek Falls

Ladies Well

Lastly, we are on the Allyn River. And while this section is classified as part of Chichester State Forest, it is still found at the foothills of Barrington Tops. Enjoy the easy access drive in and the walk from your car. This stretch of river has several smaller waterfalls and endless cascades, all nameless. Whether you are after a picnic spot, a place to take your camera or are just after some crystal clear swimming holes this is one for your Barrington bucket list!

Image courtesy NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service. Photographer Rob Mulally
Image courtesy NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service. Photographer Rob Mulally

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