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After spending years in a musical wasteland, Mandy Hawkes began to write songs again, and became preoccupied with singing about mortality, end times and other serious themes. Raised on a steady diet of Hymns and Dylan, Mandy’s unconventional voice is equal parts weary soul traveller and folk storyteller. She sings authentic songs that will move even the stoniest of hearts, marrying folk traditions with Australian country.

In 2017 she released her debut EP The Water Was Deep, a collection of songs contemplating death, afterlife and Hawkes’ religious upbringing - recorded and co-produced with Bill Chambers at Chambers Avenue Studio. 2023 hails the release of the Northern Rivers folksinger’s debut full length album We Were Just Kids, recorded and co-produced with Jordan Power. This body of work exhibits more mature songwriting and diverse sounds, yet maintains Hawkes’ deeply personal and authentic narratives. It charts a path through the various stages of relationship breakdown and grief, with some reflections on childhood and the human condition.