Mandala Painting Class

Mandala Painting Class

Past Event

Sat 25 May10am - 2pm

Muse Art and Crafts
76 Clarkson St
Nabiac NSW 2312


Mandala Painting class at Muse Art and Crafts Nabiac.

The Meditative Mandala painting class serves 3 purposes. Firstly, to learn the techniques used to create beautiful Mandalas. Secondly to encourage mindfulness. Many of us are stressed and anxious, but never find the time to relax. Or perhaps you suffer from the dreaded ‘Monkey Brain’ where you just can’t switch off. This affects sleep and ultimately your health. Karen’s class uses painting to focus the mind bringing with it relaxation and distraction from all the noise!! This allows you to slip into ‘The Flow’, which is almost a meditative state.

Finally, it’s the perfect class for those of you who believe you don’t have ‘a creative bone in your body. It is the perfect way to tap into the creative side of your brain.

Only 4 places available.

Cost: $115 inclusive of all materials and refreshments.

Call 0403826439 to book.