Yoga is not a religion, nor is it a sport; it’s a lifestyle, one where you choose your happiness and bliss and learn to deal with your challenges.

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Adding yoga to your holiday can have some surprising results. Here are just a few of the benefits:

  • Relaxation: We all know that yoga is extremely relaxing - and isn’t that why you’re on holidays? Yoga it’s a great way to really wind down from the stress of everyday life.
  • Travel weariness: Yoga is a great way to overcome jet lag or stiffness from a long journey. How was your trip on the highway to get here?
  • Exercise: Yoga is also well known for toning and keeping our bodies in shape – and who doesn’t want some of that on holidays when we tend to indulge a bit more than usual?
  • Stamina: Yoga on holiday can keep you strong and full of stamina – perfect for those sightseeing visits and nights out around town.
  • Motivation: Yoga classes on holiday is a great way to enhance your motivation to practice it regularly in your usual life – it’s a way to bring your holiday back home and enjoy it for a long time.
  • Community: Yoga is a great way to meet other like-minded people and forge friendships while you’re on your holidays. These new friends can share tips and favourite spots and restaurants around the Barrington Coast.
Yoga is a physical experience giving you more strength, stamina, flexibility and balance.
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Even away on holidays yoga can transform lives; it’s transformed ours and we are committed to making yoga accessible to you so you can transform your life too.

Yoga is a physical experience giving you more strength, stamina, flexibility and balance. However, once you start you’ll notice how the mental practice will shift you on so many other levels too: Imagine yourself smiling with a genuine "feeling content" smile; imagine waking up pain free after a deep, restful sleep; imagine feeling strong and sexy. Yoga can give you all of that. You will not look back.

And if you're worried about getting onto the floor and not getting up again, then there are yoga classes using chairs where you still get the same benefits of strength, balance, flexibility and calm as in the other classes.

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Vinyasa yoga

Imagine moving like a leopard.... now imagine that's you moving with that majestic ease and strength! This is what our Vinyasa classes do to you: You become supple, strong, flexible, balanced and calm.

Vinyasa means breath with movement. In yoga talk, Vinyasa is also the reference of moving through a series of poses commonly used in sun salutations, targeting strength in the whole body.

Learning how to use your breath while moving will calm your parasympathetic nervous system, and teach you how to move without risking injuries while practicing on those advanced poses.

If you are new to yoga, give yourself at least 2-3 Vinyasa classes to get into the flow. Rest assured our teachers will always be able to give you gentler options. For the experienced yogis, our Vinyasa classes are your playground where you can immerse yourself into an abundance of growth.

Vin-Yin yoga

Vin-Yin is the perfect blend between building stamina and finding calm.

For the first half of the class you will be guided through a simple sequence of postures, getting your body fit like a Jedi warrior. We will repeat the sequence a few times, which allows you to drop out of your head and into a trance-like state. Imagine you, the Jedi warrior, in unison with your laser sword. Everything flows in perfect harmony. May the force be with you.

Once you have tuned your body for more strength, stamina, and balance your teacher will guide you into some soothing long held stretches. Imagine the Jedi warrior after the fight, sinking into a bath covered in rose petals. That's the Yin- part of this class. Yiiiiinnnnnnnn..... notice your exhales turning from pants to looooong calming sighs of relief. Witness even the tightest joints opening up and your calming hormones buzzing through your body, your entire existence becomes Zen.

This class is suitable for all levels of yoga experience, fitness and flexibility.

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Hatha yoga

This class will have you feel like Cat Woman in a black lycra suit, even if you turn up in your dirty trackies!

Hatha is the umbrella term for all movement based yoga, each of our talented teachers will bring their own flavour and expertise to this beginner friendly class.

If you are freaking out about not being able to touch your toes or not knowing the yoga pose names, our Hatha classes are a good place to start. Our teachers will give you plenty of options to either up the challenge or make the physical postures less challenging. One thing is set, you will hold each pose for at least five breaths, or repeat short sequences of poses that you can do with your eyes closed. Literally.

While we recommend this class to first time yogis, our Hatha classes are a wonderful complement for the regualr yogi as the long held postures allow you to improve alignment, posture, balance and strength. Over time, you will be soaring like an eagle even when faced with your kids’ wildest temper tantrums. You've got this!

Stay Young yoga

Stay Young yoga is for those who live in pain from stiff and sore joints, arthritis, or just the effects of aging.

As we age, our flexibility, strength, and balance decrease. Yoga is known to improve all these. Another aspect of yoga is to calm the mind, develop a connection to your spirit and to find peace with the life you have created for yourself.

Our Stay Young yoga classes are predominantly conducted on chairs. You will be amazed at how effectively you can improve posture, strength and flexibility by just sitting on a chair! Forget stressful prostrations down onto the floor and back up. Here we use gentle movement and breath to ease you into positions you did not know you were capable off. No previous experience is required, just the willingness to try something new.

I opened the studio because yoga changed my life.
Mia Tycehurst
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About Forster Yoga Studio

Forster Yoga Studio is a haven for those who seek peace from a busy society. It’s the only place in the Barrington Coast offering yoga 7 days per week set in a serene studio with lake views. If you’re curious to try some yoga, the studio offers beginners workshops regularly, they also offer an intro month of unlimited classes.

We offer a busy schedule of classes covering Vinyasa, Hatha, Healing Hatha, Yin, Aroma Yin, Vin-Yin, Stretch and Breathe, Stay Young seated yoga plus much more!

And if you really want to make the most of your holiday time, Forster Yoga Studio also offers massage, facials and infrared sauna. We offer a Holiday Pamper pack of 1 week of unlimited yoga, 1 massage or facial and 2 sauna sessions for $147.

I opened the studio because yoga changed my life. I used to have really low self-esteem and did not understand how my own thoughts, words and actions were affecting the misery I felt in life. I was constantly chasing approval from others, it was draining. Yoga taught me not just to love and accept myself, but also how to attract more of the stuff I want and I’m so grateful for the immense coping mechanisms yoga has taught me. The sky is the limit!

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