Zoonoses exhibition

Zoonoses exhibition

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Open Tue - Sat

Fri 14 Jul - Sat 26 Aug10am - 4pm

Manning Regional Art Gallery
12 Macquarie St
Taree NSW 2430

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ZOONOSES: Dr Nicola HooperExhibition

Manning Regional Art Gallery is proud to present ZOONOSES, a major touring exhibition showcasing artworks by Dr Nicola Hooper.

Dr Nicola Hooper has taken the darker side of nature and turned it into exquisite, thought-provoking art. Through drawing and lithography, Nicola Hooper uses fairy-tale iconology and rhymes to explore concepts surrounding zoonoses (animal diseases that can infect humans). The exhibition ZOONOSES explores how we perceive certain animals in the context of fear and disease.

ZOONOSES includes artworks created in January 2019 during a studio stay at Black Church Print Studio in Dublin, while Nicola researched the Celtic myth ‘Concerning Cats’ by Lady Francesca Wilde in her book Ancient Legends, Mystic Charms, and Superstitions of Ireland 1887. Nicola re-tells this story, making associations to the zoonosis ‘Toxoplasmosis’. The works are all created using hand coloured stone lithography including an artist book, prints, wallpaper and a mobile.

Opening Hours:

Open Tuesday to Saturday - 10am to 4pm

Closed Monday and Sunday

Exhibition dates: 14 July - 26 August

Image: Dr Nicola Hooper, Detail of Zoonotic Wallpapers; Ross River Zoonotic Wallpaper (left), Ode to Morris Zoonotic Wallpaper (top), Tularaemia Zoonotic Wallpaper (right), Lady Wildes Toxoplasmosis Wallpaper (bottom), 2017, digital vinyl prints of hand coloured lithographs, dimensions variable, image courtesy the artist.