Zen Thai Shiatsu Workshop - Guided Partner Bodywork

Join us for a 2.5 hour guided partner bodywork session, introducing you to the profound art of Zen Thai Shiatsu.

Like acupuncture without needles, where every gesture is intentional, heart-full and reaches far beyond the physical layers. Zen Thai Shiatsu is a fluid dance between two bodies- it resembles a yoga practice for the giver, and a full-bodied vortex with therapeutic byproducts for the receiver!

Just like yoga, Zen Thai Shiatsu aims to unravel tension in the energetic and structural pathways in the body. It is an art and movement therapy like no other: a combination of profound traditional healing systems of the East including Zen Shiatsu, Thai massage and yoga asana, woven together with the breakthroughs of present day osteopathic technique.

  • A guided sequence of gestures to take home and practice on friends, loved ones and family
  • ‘Learn the rules to forget the rules.’ More than mechanically applying techniques on top of a body, you will be empowered to trust your capacity for deep listening.
  • The opportunity to enjoy both giving and receiving the entire sequence.
  • A safe and supportive environment to learn, play and explore
  • Time for feedback, questions and deeper self-enquiry

No experience or partner necessary. Simply show up as you are, because each of us has something graceful inside that no other heart can design or hands can offer.

Brooke Elliston is a curator and creator, facilitating deep internal journeys of breath and body through yoga trainings, retreats and her online yoga studio. She has taught yoga for the last 8 years, and prior to 2020, spent 6 years traveling to Europe and Indonesia to share workshops, retreats and at yoga festivals around the world. A natural extension of this, Brooke fell in love with Zen Thai Shiatsu (ZT) 5 years ago and became a ZT therapist offering 1:1 sessions, as well as hosting regular ZT teacher training in Sydney. Brooke notoriously shares her ‘Full Body Yes ’approach to everything she offers—an invitation to lean into the full spectrum of human experience, all the way from pleasure to intensity, and leaving nothing out. She grew up in Sydney, Australia, and after living for the last couple of years in Byron Bay has recently relocated to Smiths Lake. She is devoted to the simple joy of presence and marrying a rich ocean-lifestyle with her work.

Time: 9:30am - 12pm
$45 pp

Numbers are strictly limited