Yin Yoga – An Energy Practice!!

Another level of Yin yoga. From physical to energetic sensation, dive into feel and gain understanding of meridian channels and qi.

As Patanjali suggests in his yoga sutras, we start with asana to open the door.

Our Yin practice is a deep and profound physical practice, and it is only when we learn how to FEEL our practice, our tissues, bones and fascia, and stop fighting the pose, that we start to gain the amazing energy shifts.

Mysan will guide you through this practice by bringing you deep into shapes and physical sensation, to bring to surface the energy sensations, shifts and happenings that our Yin yoga provides us.

Throughout the practice, you will explore the main meridian channels used in Yin yoga and TCM. Furthermore you will get to know, and feel, how you can use them in practice to balance, harmonize and connect into the deep of you.

What are these energy lines, where do they live and where do they go?

How can we affect them in our day to day life? What stimulates them positively and negatively? How can we feel into them, to get to know what we need more or less?