It's Not Unusual to love this show!

Tom Jones is one of the world’s most revered vocals to ever grace the stage and is one of the few artists in history to have a hit record in every decade from the 1960’s onwards. Highly acclaimed singer, actor and children’s author Shane Peters brings the vocal prowess and stage presence in TOM JONES 60.

Shane capsulates the 6-decade long career from his first ever hit “It’s Not Unusual” to the more recent “I’m Growing Old” in his long prolific career.

What is ever present in this show is the big band sound of Tom Jones with a powerful 6-piece band with 2 amazing female vocalists.

With his endless collaborations with other musical artists throughout the decades, the show gives a salute to his female counterparts that he either recorded or performed with featuring the songs of: Dusty Springfield, Janis Joplin and Carole King.

So, join Shane Peters in this non-stop music event and celebration paying the ultimate tribute to: The ICON…THE PERFORMER….THE VOICE Mr TOM JONES.