Tijuana Cartel live at the Recky!

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Tickets on sale now!


Australian eclectic collective, Tijuana Cartel, is renowned for their imaginative fusion of diverse music genres. Their distinct sound encompasses a wide range of global influences, skillfully blending electronic music production with a rich tapestry of world sounds. The band is widely acclaimed for their mesmerizing live performances, consistently delivering a potent combination of layered soundscapes, captivating visuals, and rhythmic intensity that delivers a fest to the senses and keeps audiences dancing throughout the night.

Once again, Tijuana Cartel is poised to make waves in the music scene with their unique blend of organic house music infused with rhythms and sounds from around the world, as they embark on a nationwide tour to celebrate the release of their latest album, 'Alectura'.

Paul George and Carey O'Sullivan, the driving creative forces behind the band, have crafted an album that serves as a testament to their musical connection and shared vision. Their bond has deepened over time, and this maturity shines through in every note of 'Alectura'.

"As an album, 'Alectura' caters to both those who seek to dance and those who wish to lose themselves in its melodies," says O'Sullivan. "You can surrender yourself to the infectious beats or immerse yourself in the music with headphones, allowing it to transport you. It's designed to resonate with every mood and moment."

The band eagerly awaits the response of their fans and the wider music community to 'Alectura'. "We're thrilled to share this album that encapsulates our musical journey. We hope our fans will connect with it as deeply as we have," expresses George.

'Alectura' will be available from Friday, September 1, 2023.