The Biophilia Effect exhibition

The Biophilia Effect exhibition

Past Event

Thu 13 Oct - Sun 6 Nov10am - 4pm

Gloucester Gallery
25 Denison St
Gloucester NSW 2422


Exhibition of artworks by Susie Oldfield, Susan Haschek and Anne Grant.

Susie Oldfield

Susie a practicing multi-media artist from mid north coast who is developing her approach to 3D works using materials from her small property and inspiration that surrounds her in the natural environment. Also combining ceramics with fibre and found objects and treasures, Susie has won awards in the mid north coast for drawing, printmaking and sculptural works. After a successful exhibition Colour and Line with 18 artists at The Artspace Urunga, she is looking further afield to exhibit her work. She has exhibited her contemporary baskets with 19 other baskets makers (local and International) at Gallery 76 (Embroiderers Guild NSW) in Sydney in March 2021. She been using handmade fibre work in conjunction her ceramic pieces and intends to further investigate mixed media in her artistic practice.

Susan Haschek

My intention as an artist is to express a deep sense of belonging to, and affection for, the local area where I have lived most of my life. My family were pioneers in the local areas of Tuncurry, Nabiac and Gloucester and I'm fascinated by the resources these families exploited to survive and eventually prosper. Themes dealing with fishing, oyster cultivation, farming and forestry are featured in my artworks. I am curious about the relationships between people and the places they inhabit, and how natural elements effect people and their lives. What do these relationships look like? What does it look like from an aerial viewpoint or oblique viewpoints? What does water look like from above? Which creatures live in and around that water, that piece of bushland? These ideas and concepts have appeared in my artworks on a regular basis. My work is never far from home, physically or emotionally.

Anne Grant

My work is based on traditional printmaking techniques which are worked into with various other mediums including watercolour, acrylic and oil paints. I also create pen and ink drawings and ceramic sculptures. After a lifetime of being a city-dweller I now live in the sleepy village of Smiths Lake. The daily act of walking my dog either leads me to the lake, a coastal lagoon bounded from the ocean by sand dunes, or to Blueys Beach. Slowly the natural environment has woven its way into my awareness, and I now appreciate the landscape with an enquiring and grateful mind. These artworks reflect the littoral landscapes of the lakeshore and seashore– the intersection of land and water. The colours and textures reflect the changing light as the seasons progress from the depth of winter to high summer.

This exhibition is open daily:

  • Thursday to Saturday 10am - 4pm
  • Sunday 10am - 1pm

Entry is free.

Rockpool by Susan Haschek
Rockpool by Susan Haschek