Susan Ryman - S.E.E. Strange, Endangered and Eternal

Susan Ryman - S.E.E. Strange, Endangered and Eternal

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Thu 8 Apr - Sat 22 MayAll day

Manning Regional Art Gallery
12 Macquarie St
Taree NSW 2430

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S.E.E: strange, endangered and eternal presents works that respond to our immediate environment, inviting contemplation about the fragile nature of existence.

Strange: Susan Ryman transforms refuse into beautiful dancing ghosts, harbingers of our cultural disregard for so many precious things, including our fellow humans. Her images are precisely drawn using a technically laborious layering of coloured pencil and sealed with varnish;

Endangered: Prue Sailer’s paintings invite the viewer to engage with endangered species of NSW through the reciprocal gaze, fostering a purposefully intimate realisation of the price of extinction;

Eternal: Lauren Potts’ luminous and expressive drawings ask much more than they reveal. Honest yet mysterious, they reflect the very human desire to find meaning and understanding.

The artists are connected through their backgrounds in Fine Art and postgraduate studies in Natural History Illustration (NHI) from the University of Newcastle. This discipline requires intensive study of our immediate world and, through technical rigour, seeks to simultaneously inform, inspire and question the nature of existence.

Opening Hours:

Open Tuesday to Saturday - 10am to 5pm

Closed Sunday (until further notice)

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