Sunday Yoga & Brunch with Joanna Lim at Tea Gardens Hotel.

This fun filled event is all about reconnecting with yourself and having fun with friends.

The day begins at 9AM in the Dolphin Room of the Tea Gardens Hotel. Here Yogi Jo will take you through a sequence of organic movement and bliss. Your mini retreat is then followed by drinks and then brunch in the cafe. Finishing up around 12:30pm.

Your mini retreat:
Over 2 hours you will be invited to reconnect and explore your body using Yoga - to help you reconnect and stretch out, Qi Gong - to get you back in flow with life, dance - to get lost in the pleasure of organic movement and Meditation - to quiet and calm your mind.

Special note: To stay happy and healthy, please bring your own yoga mat, cushion, blanket, water bottle and anything else you need to be nourished and comfortable.

Brunch options included in ticket price - Drinks - Green Smoothie | Coffee, Food - Fruit Salad with Yogurt & Museli
Just let us know your preference of drink option and food option when you book so we can prepare for you.

Cost: $75.00 + Booking Fee

Over night stay option:

If you want to make it a real retreat, and you do not already live in the area, why not book a room at the Tea Gardens Hotel for the night before or the night off?

That way you can really relax into your time before heading back to reality. The surrounding beaches and nature walks are another a beautiful way to continue the retreat vibe before or after the Yoga+Brunch. The rooms start at $130/night. Please call Molly on (02) 4997 0203 to book yourself in, and make sure you mention you are attending the Yoga+Brunch.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to get in touch with Yogi Jo 0414 893 756

Hope to see you there!