Stroud ghost tour

Stroud Ghost Tour

Past Event

Sat 28 Aug7pm - 9:30pm

Stroud Court House
Cowper St
Stroud NSW 2425

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Newcastle Ghost Tours is holding a spooky night out in historic Stroud in the Barrington Coast.

First Stop - Stroud Court House. As we take up our spots we will see who comes through once we call in the ghosts. Will it be one of the magistrates or a felon? Will the McAskills be waiting for vengeance and will they speak to us from their grave as we walk past the church and enter the graveyard adjoining it?

Who still lurks in the darkness of Quambi House? Not only has the site hold so many secrets but it is filled with the memories of so many people - are some of the items in the house now haunted too? Quambi House was originally the schoolmaster's residence (known as Lady Parry's School) in about 1831 to accommodate 40 children. Sometimes the school teachers and children come back to play. What might you encounter during our silent vigils in this space? You will have to find out for yourself by joining us in our next ghost hunt. Now we cannot guarantee you will see anything - but maybe you just might!

Limited spots available, aged 18 & over

Cost: $70 pp

Both Renata from Newcastle Ghost Tours and Anne from Oz Paratech will be on this tour as well as some of our volunteers and we cannot wait to share this experience with you.

Meet at Stroud Court House at 7.30pm sharp and bring your own torch... you'll need it for the graveyard and Quambi House.

Enclosed footwear is required (ie. no thongs)