Sisters 'Wild Song' | For Fearless Vocal Expression

1-Day Workshop with Singer/Songwriter, Sound Healer, Vocal Expression & Energy Coach, Elisha Xantaya.

Your Wild Song, is the untamed, unmuted, undiluted truth that resides at your centre. It is constantly singing you home, through your childlike innocence, primordial power & intuitive impulse.

We have enough space for 20 Sisters per workshop - the intimacy of small groups is truly powerful.

$155 pp +bf

BYO Lunch and Snacks; Tea and Chai Provided

Wild Song Workshops & Retreats are for so much more than Vocal Expression & Song… they are a quest to reclaim the unapologetic beauty of your souls truth, your feminine power and innate soul wisdom.

The deep, primordial, gutteral cry of our Mother, that awakens the Universe to our arrival... is the expression of our true power as Woman, as creator Goddesses.


to ignite the fire of the three energy centres that are the unique expression of our truth and our Spirits Song;

— our Inner vision (Third eye – intuitive sensitivity and wisdom)

— our Primordial Sound (Throat – outwards expression of our Spirits truth and creativity) and

— our Sacred Sexuality (Sacral/Womb – our Universal creative power to birth, create, and attract through the stillness of the ‘void’).

Over thousands of years of suppression, persecution and masculine comparison, we have muted the voice of the untamed, ancient wisdom of the Woman within, she, who holds the direct conversation with Mother Earth and the stars through her womb, her cells and her soft, sensual body. The inner voice now has many themes of ‘not enough’ or ’too much’… not smart enough, not busy enough, not important / brave / pretty / loud / successful / strong enough. Or... too sensitive, loud, bossy, bitchy, shy… well I reckon it’s high time we re-write those old, inherited stories.

First… we must learn how to listen, really listen. With our body, more than our ears. And see with our bones, more than our eyes.

Wild Song is an experiential Journey that opens your inner eyes, ears and heart to your own body instrument, that is in dialogue with you in every, single moment of the day.

It drops seeds of creative gold in moments of inspiration discovered in the spaces between sound, thought and breath.

It lets us ‘feel’ the guidance of our most self-loving choices and self-loving talk, and it lets us know when we are muting our free expression, or our truth.

The reclamation of our voice of truth and our soul song — which is the voice of mother nature — will reverberate on a global scale, through future generations of our humanity’s evolution. It starts with each of us, calling in our freedom and connecting to our soul song. Some potent discovery awaits!

You can expect to truly get to know and maybe even LOVE your own singing voice!!

You will explore new parts of yourself that have been waiting for your attention, the squishy, shy bits that maybe you haven’t allowed others to see before. Held in a safe, delightfully playful, and deeply transformational container, you will have the opportunity to explore your own Wild Song. You’ll experience how sound can be used to clear your mind, body and energy field, to create calm amidst stress, to tap into a potentially undiscovered wellspring of creativity and intuitive guidance, to bring playfulness and heart connection into our lives; for ourselves, our families and communities.


The tools I’ll be sharing during this journey are Embodied Mindfulness, Biofield Tuning, Shamanic Journeying, Ancestral Repatterning, Body Dialogue, Breath Tools, and Silliness!! It is a beautifully interwoven program that will crack open any pre-disposition to hiding your beauty in this 'one, wild and precious life'. These tools are an accumulation and refinement of 8 years of research, study, client and group work, self experiments and feedback.


You’ll learn:

• The basic science of your body an instrument, unique to you, that is not supposed to sound like ANYONE ELSE.

• Techniques for exploring the full spectrum of what you voice is capable of.

• How you can use sound in playful ways to open more freedom in your voice

• How easy it is to tune your own Biofield, regulate your own health and vitality through toning and sound, and show others how to regulate their body, mind and emotions... useful in uncertain, stressful times!

• How to cultivate deep trust in your own intuitive sensory information, from your inner eyes and ears, and tune into your own body guidance

• How to ‘hear’ notes and harmonies through feeling rather than listening, and harmonise in a group

• How to become a conduit for the song that is always trying to flow through you

• How to use sound to Journey into your body and begin a conversation, heal unloved parts and bring yourself into alignment with your wholeness and soul love.

• How to create freestyle songs and sounds for so many reasons… songwriting, sound healing, play, connection and as a a framework for self empowerment.

• How to shift the energy inside you and in your environment with sound and song

• How to discern what energy is yours, and what you may be empathically feeling from your environment and those around you.

• How to release energy you have accumulated that is not supporting your balanced life force.

• Easy ways to keep discovering your own song.


You’ll feel a deep connection with the Women you are journeying with from the moment we begin. Working with sound, song, vocal empowerment and intuitive wisdom is deep, transformational work.


Our power to create as a Woman can no longer adopt the force and mental energy of the masculine pathway, that puts our own needs second to success and achievement. We must lead with the hearts vulnerability, through our feeling sense, and with true ownership of our intuitive, primordial power. This is the grace and strength of a Woman who has full ownership of herself, and who listens to the wisdom of her body for her answers, before all else.

Our Sound, our words, our truth, our Songs are the outwards expression of our Spirit... it is the full acceptance of ourselves as a gift to this world.