We have had many people ask us about meditation and how to learn it. There are many forms of meditation, and the Silky Oak meditation class comes from the tradition of Zen Buddhism.

Feeling "zenned" out is therefore guaranteed!

Tracy, your meditation teacher, is an ordained member of 'the order of the boundless way' . Tracy is also a Buddhist chaplain registered with the Buddhist council of NSW Australia.

The order of the boundless way is committed to the promotion and practice of Zen Buddhism as a universal form, open and available to everyone, independent of specific ethnic or cultural practices or traditions.

Boundless way practitioners seek to integrate spirituality into their day to day lives by way of Zen practice.

By joining this class, you will find yourself feeling calmer, able to view things from various perspectives and gaining more wisdom about your life and what you experience around you.

It is asked that you wear loose clothing in darker colours suited to sitting in your preferred posture. Please avoid all perfumes, cologne, and scented deodorants, as they may cause physical suffering to other meditators. You should also avoid eating a large meal before you sit, as the extra food can inhibit abdominal breathing, as well as drowsiness. All mobile phones should be turned off before entering the meditation room.

Feeling "zenned" out is therefore guaranteed!

Donations are not required but if anyone should like to contribute to the costs of running services and maintaining our, a donation box will be available.

Class entails 2 x 10 min sitting meditation with 5 min walking meditation between the 2, then a light discussion will follow.