Shamanic Sound Journey

Shamanic Sound Journey

Past Event

Sun 26 Feb6pm - 7pm

Sun 12 Mar6pm - 7pm

Sun 26 Mar6pm - 7pm

Forster Yoga Studio
Level 1
Office B/48 Wharf St
Forster NSW 2428

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Shamanic Sound Journey with Monique.

The stresses of every day life, take you away from the sacredness of what we should be experiencing in life. Leaving you feeling empty and unfulfilled.

Come lay down amongst the sound healing, from the beat of the shamanic drum and the vocal sounds from Monique.

Take some time for yourself and let your inner world speak. As you drop into the meditative space, it allows you to open up to the realms of the unseen. Allowing deeper healing within.

By partaking in these shamanic ceremonies monthly, you say to the universe, I am actively partaking in bringing the sacred into my daily life. Bridging the gap between spiritual practices, ceremony and day to day life.

As a group we will all focus on our energies into one unified connection to Mother Earth.

Allowing us to have a deep connection to the rhythmic beat of the earth and to allow her to transmute any traumatic energies within us for release and be dispersed back to the earth for grounding.

By interacting with the invisible world of the shamans, it will allow you to feel complete within and you will end up thriving, with a life filled with richness, purpose and vibrancy.

How exciting is that?


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